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Hey loves,

So today I have a post on one of the hottest trends over the last few years, lip lacquers. Whether you like matte or gloss, these lipstick hybrids have been EVERYWHERE!

I have a few high and low end lip lacquers but love trying new ones out. I spotted these on Instagram and had to find them. I saw them in Superdrug for a bargain £3. I got Black Heart from a friend as a gift and thought it looked very purple like in the tube. I was surprised when I got home to find that it's purple based but it's very much a black on the lips.

It was quite hard to get pictures that showed the true colour of the products. They change drastically in some lights.

The next one I have is called Keep Lying For You. The names are ridiculous. This is a mauve dusty pink and my goodness it is gorgeous. It reminds me of Too Faced Liquified Lipstick in Fig only this is a lighter version.

One thing I love is the applicator, it is very ordinary but doesn't pick up too much product. These real…

Kat Von D - My Beauty Icon - #HoFBeautyAmbassador

Good day beauty lovers,

Today I have a very special post because it a post for consideration to House of Fraser as they are looking for Beauty Ambassadors. This is not something I would normally enter but with my background in Journalism and sheer love for makeup, skincare and well, anything beauty related, I thought why not enter?!

When researching my old images and asking my friends who I constantly referred to for style and beauty as a young adult to now, one name popped up A LOT and that was Kat Von D. I have a couple of her tattoo books and the dream is for her to tattoo me one day (please let that happen). I have always had a rock edge to me, back in the 90's, my sister and I were grunge and even had the greasy hair.

For this look I did a very cool toned gold/grey look that I saw in some of her older pictures. I love grey on my eyes.

Here is a handy step by step guide.  At the end is a picture of all 3 lip options.
I primed my lids with a KIKO eye base and set that with FOXY

Ciate LashLights 'Famous'

Hey there,
So, I finally got my hands on one of the Ciate Lash Lights. Yay!!

The packaging is even adorable. Excuse my nails in a picture below. I was away and didn't redo them.

The idea of these bad boys is to brighten the tip of your lashes. The wand is very flat and holds a good amount of product.

What Ciate say 'Award Winning British Nail brand Ciaté bring their innovative approach into the world of colour cosmetics with their LashLights™ luminous lash-tip colour. Creating a colour pop, Ciaté London’s six highly pigmented and vivid LashLights™ shades will add a burst of colour to lashes at the simple slick of the easy-to-use, retro lash comb. Simply pat the LashLight™ formula onto the tip of your lashes over black mascara and comb through for a bold and striking look. Alternatively get playful with the colours and try layering multiple LashLight shades to lashes for an ombré finish. Unlike classic coloured mascaras, LashLights provide the volume and density of a c…