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REVIEW: BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo Palette

Hi there,

So, let's try this again eh? Makeup is a passion of mine along with other things so let's try keep at it.

When this Shaaanxo collab with BH Cosmetics was released in Feb 2016, everyone was excited. I feel like in a sea of makeup gurus online, she is one I can nearly guarantee an honest opinion from. The video she did was nice and I knew that it was good quality because she kept using it in her videos.

So, this year Beauty Bay (not sponsored) started selling BH on their site and I was intrigued. I always wait until some of my faves review products before I even think about them. When I was ready to order I checked Beauty Chamber (not sponsored) and they had it for £12.95 and not BB's £18. I mean it was a no brainer really.

Please excuse my natural daylight pics but I wanted it to be more realistic. It's a dual palette where it opens on both sides. It's made of heavy cardboard and isn't flimsy. It has a heavy magnetic closing but I am still unsure as t…