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Illamasqua Cream Foundation | JanBlog #31

Evening all,

It's a right miserable evening I must say. Are we due any nice weather at all? This January has apparently been the worst in a very long time. Anywho, onto my blog.

I have heard so much about the Illamasqua foundations and had to try one but didn't want to splurge the cash on the chance I might not like it. In their recent sale, I got a cream foundation for £5. Woohoo.

This packaging is huge. So much to deal with but it's what makes them stand out and so unique. You get a small sponge for application which is a very nice touch.

Now onto the foundation itself.

When I opened the box I was frightened haha. It looks so peachy to me. I thought they got the wrong colour but no. I picked CF150 as it's for light to medium skin with pink undertones. I am fair but not pale, I have redness on my cheeks and nose and I am pretty beige elsewhere. The majority of my face is red though.

I used this foundation this morning and was really frustrated with it. How did I end u…

Review: Illamasqua Nail Varnish | JanBlog #30

Hey there,

Hope you're all well. Today was probably the coldest day this week so far. Brrrr. I was then thankful when my friend Jerry in New York told me the cold and snow there. I would hate for it to snow. Nooooo thank you.

Today I have a review of a super duper bright nail varnish from Illamasqua. Yes, I sepia effected the picture so you have to read on and see this beaut.

I got this in the sale for £5 but these normally retail here for £14.50 so I got a bargain and I'd been eye balling this colour for a while.

This is RARE! Isn't it perfect? Now I am not like the normal girl out there, I love bright, weird colours haha. I might do a collection video this weekend.

As you can see the brush is of a normal standard. The bottle to me seems small but you get 15ml of product and in a Barry M polish you get 10ml.

Let's talk about the polish itself. I say nail polish not varnish and always have haha. Sorry. The formula isn't runny but not thick. It doesn't have …

Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner | JanBlog #29


Rimmel Apocalips 'Eclipse' | JanBlog #28

Hey guys,

Well today I want to talk about a new shade in what I think is my favourite Rimmel product ever. Whilst a tonne of people may be on the fence with some of Rimmel's products, they're pretty good at releasing so many items at once, that way you're bound to like something.

I have a few of these lip lacquers now and I really do love them. I saw some new shades late last year and only got around to buying one now.

I know a tonne of people don't like the huge wand because of the amount of product that comes out but I push it to the side as I'm taking it out so some product is left on the inside of the opening should you need it. A little tip for you there.

As you can see this is a deep purple/wine shade with a hint of a red undertone to it. It looks so pretty on the lips and as you all know these babies last a long time. I am super duper happy with my new Apocalips purchase. They're on offer in Boots for £4.99 at the moment so go get them.

What shades do yo…

Review: Soap & Glory 'Kick Ass Concealer' | JanBlog #27

Well hey there,

Today I want to talk you through a new wonder product for me. I have dark circles under my eyes and nothing works :( So I thought I would try this concealer duo before I tried an expensive brand.

I saw this in Boots for £10 and thought why not!??! Haha.

I was so excited at the dark circles claim haha. I'm only 30 but because I have late nights with my other love, wrestling, I have some trouble hiding my tired eyes.

I have no clue as to why I have never bought this before. As well as the concealers you get a setting powder for them. I mean genius. It's all very cute and compact at the same time. The powder is very finely milled and not heavy at all.

I have used the pinker side for my under eye region with the powder on top and definitely saw a difference. The more skin colour side is great for my neck as I have had a breakout there or on my redness on my cheek area. Just a smooth, light product.

I didn't notice any caking under my eye area and it stayed put…

Weekly Catch Up | JanBlog #26

Hey there,

I wanted to start doing weekly catch ups as I think they're fun and I just want to do it.

Above is my swatch video for the new Revlon Colorburst balms I bought two matte shades. They're super gorgeous.

I also did The Perfect Nude Lip tag. It was started my Stephanie at SMLx0, all info is in the video. :D

As far as blogging goes, I'm still blogging daily until the end of Jan as I created #JanBlog myself and it didn't really become successful but anyway who cares. I done a few reviews this week, another post on  the Versus series I love doing and a High St foundation post. All you need to do is click to the month of Jan and see all the posts :D

This week I have a review of another Soap & Glory makeup product and it's a corker. I also am headed to Bristol on Tuesday night to attend a launch in Benefit. That's exciting. This is going to be a great week.

I'm going to go for a nap now as I have WWE's Royal Rumble tonight and that finishes at 4a…

My Favourite Hair Products | JanBlog #25

Hey there,

My hair is a tricky buggar to figure out. I can go days with it being shiny and soft and then out of nowhere it gets tangly and oily. I have long hair that is definitely past shoulder length so what did I do to change things?

I dye my hair maybe once every 3 months but with my hair being a deep red now I do it maybe once every 2 months. I haven't pictured my shampoo and conditioner but I'm talking today about products after washing. I first off use the Tresemme Daily Lock In Spray as it helps against colour fading.

Then I let that sit for a couple of minutes and put the L'oreal Hot Straight Spray in. I am paranoid about heat on my hair so this is a good step. I will then half dry my hair and if I want some texture I will use the L'oreal Salt Spray, it works a treat BUT my new thing is the L'oreal #TXT Wave Creating Spray. This stuff is great. You spray it over damp hair and put your hair in top knots and dry further.  Finish things off by taking them ou…

High Street Foundations | JanBlog #24


Well I thought today I would share my favourite foundations from the High Street AKA the drugstore.

To explain my skin best, I would say it's oily/dry. I have neutral undertones on my t-zone and chin area but my cheeks are of a pink undertone. I find it hard to find a decent foundation because of those undertones but I have found a few that work just fine.

Excuse the dirty, well used bottles by the way haha. Bourjois have to be the best brand for foundation on the High Street in my opinion. I have the 'Happy Light' in 'Porcelain' and I find it to be hydrating, light on the skin and very natural looking. It might not last all day but it will cover the most part of the day. I have the 'Healthy Mix Foundation' in 'Light Vanilla' and this has more weight to it and gives more coverage but still has that hydration I feel my skin needs. This is a much more buildable foundation and never goes cakey on the skin.
Buy Happy Light here.
Buy Healthy Mix here.

Review: Soap & Glory Lid Stuff | JanBlog #23


Today I have a review of a Soap & Glory quad. I have had this product for about 4 months now and wanted to give it a review.

I must admit, I love the packaging. It's simple yet cute. Very much a trademark of the Soap & Glory brand.

I got this in a makeup swap with Aishling and immediately put it to the test and hated it. I didn't put a review of this up until now because I wanted to give it a fair shot. I mean look how pretty it is. It is very compact as well so great for travel.

I have used several eye primers with this quad and whilst they weren't bad, I felt the shadows needed something more to stick to, especially the brighter shades. I have been using this quad over the last month and every time I will use my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to make those colours pop. It has made me like the quad a tonne more. There is a huge difference with and without it.

Would I recommend this to you bloggers? Yes I would. Give it a shot. You might need to blend more than usua…

Library Chic | Polyvore Fashion Post

Keep it simple in the library with bootcut or skinny jeans. Wearing Vans or Converse or imitation of both can make things more comfy yet stylish. These t-shirt adds the casual effect but is still on trend for Spring. I love the American baseball style jacket with the hood and I think the beanie hat is tongue in cheek but keeps you trendy and warm. The backpack is cute yet practical especially for the library and if you want to go to town after it's not too school like.

Review: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara | JanBlog #22

Hey howdy ya'll,

How are we all? Well today I have a review on a product I have had for a good while now. I didn't really want to just put it out on my blog without a proper review.

I heard about this on YouTube. I thought the idea was great. I mean we all hate doing the bottom lashes especially if the mascara wand is large and sometimes the product can smudge.

I, at first, thought this was going to be amazing. I loved the wand and it literally is the smallest mascara ever. There is tonnes of space to really get into the bottom lashes.

As you can see you get a tonne of product on the wand. So do I like this mascara? Is it worth the hype? I have to say no. I personally love long, black bottom lashes as it suits my big eyes. This clumps my lashes together and takes quite some time to build up to a dark look. My lashes feel hard and anytime I have used this, it smudges under my eyes. Fail.

I really did want to like it but unfortunately it's one of those things. I've used…

What's In My Everyday Makeup Bag? | JanBlog #21

Hey there,

How are you all? Today was a gorgeous sunny yet cold day. I want to show you what is in my makeup bag that I carry daily or almost daily.

My little makeup bag is from Primark. I have had it a good while but I think it cost me £3. I had a MAC one that was too small so grabbed this in the Primark in Worcester.

It's a simple black and on the front has bronze studded details. I like that it's a more medium sized bag than large and because it was so cheap I don't mind if it gets a little squashed. What's inside I hear you ask? :P

Just an overview of the products inside.

I always carry a nude eyeliner. I love that I can use this on my waterline, inner corner and as a brow highlight. I don't always carry mascara but I was in a rush today so popped this into my bag. Jordana Best Lash Extreme is my holy grail mascara. It lengthens, volumises and makes my lashes look like falsies. Amazing. I have my trusty Sigma Powder F30 in there too :D

My foundation of choice t…

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms | JanBlog #20

Hey guys,

Well I ran out this morning to grab the new Revlon Colorburst Balms as I have seen them on every American YouTube video and blog so I needed one at least, or them all.

Now they had the 'Just Bitten Kissable', 'Lacquer Balms' and 'Matte Balm' in stock, for now. They seemed to be going fast. I really didn't like any of the others and my hand was full of swatches. Sometimes I just get very focused on particular shades, like today.

I have this bad habit of going for bright pinks and deep reds lately and everything I buy lip wise lately is cool toned haha.

How pretty do they look? I got 'Standout' which is the deep red and 'Showy' which is the vibrant pink. Both cool toned hehe.

They seem to be exclusive to Boots at the moment but are on their website, click here. They retail for £7.99 and are excluded from any offer going on at the moment. They have a wide range of colours in all versions of the balm.

As you can see on the swatches abo…

Versus Series #3 | Highlighter Edition | JanBlog #19

Hey guys,

What a lovely day out. Still a tad nippy but at least it's sunny. Today I was thinking about a new edition of the 'Versus Series' and instantly thought of two popular highlighters I happen to have.

I put a blog post up about the MUA highlighter mid week and the TopShop blush previously so I won't delve into them too much.

As you can see above the MUA highlight is more pink based and the TopShop highlight is  champagne based. The MUA highlight has a 3D rippled effect which also has a blue hue off it. The TopShop highlight is a huge dome shape. I honestly don't think I'll get through either of these.

I personally think both look gorgeous but I tend to steer clear of the TopShop highlight as on my fair skin I feel it looks too much. Whilst I don't mind the blue hue off the MUA highlight it's not something too noticeable. I use this nearly everyday.

I tend to use the TopShop highlight on my eyes should I have a neutral look and just lightly place…