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Hey guys, 
So today's post is in good fun so don't be offended if you commit any of the following pet peeves. 
I asked on my personal Facebook what people's pet peeves were. To make it easier to relate to I have copied and pasted people's responses but took their names out. 
Hate when phones are on silent & people don't answer..same as you with the eating & when a driver pulls into a yellow box & holds up traffic
I hate when people challenge you to a game of football, lose once & never play you again. At least beat me once b4 you retire, sheeesh
A lot of the guys I work with always have chewing tobacco in their mouth and I have seen some guys spit it everywhere when they're trying to talk. I HATE chewing tobacco. I think that's the most vile and disgusting habit in the world.
Talking with mouth full of food, licking their knives, undermining others & talking like they're an authority on a subject when they're not!
I hate s…


Hey loves, 
Well some may say I am glutton for punishment but here we are with an other Tanya Burr gloss. 

 Excuse my poor excuse for nail varnish haha. I was on holidays in Cornwall and the effort to re-apply polish was not there. I find the packaging for these to be cheap and boring but I'm sure the tween population love it. 
There's something oddly shite about the packaging as a whole really BUT we are here for the product *repeats over and over*

The applicator is fantastic because it covers a lot of the lip area with a few swipes. It doesn't pick up too little or too much product either. Some people rave about the scent but I find it mildly overpowering and that isn't cool. I think these retail for £5.99 but I got this for £2.99 in TK Maxx in Truro, Cornwall. 

I bought this shade in 'Heart Skipped A Beat' (how sickly sweet) because to me it was going to be a red gloss. At that time I had on my Sephora Cream Lip Stain on and wanted a gloss to go over top so…


Hey loves, 
Well today is an exciting post. Do you have certain lipsticks you were out to a night time event or clubbing? Here are my Top 5 for those occasions. This is a collab with my lovely friend Katie Meehan.

So if you have an eagle eye then you will notice there are actually 6 lip options. Let me explain. 

I did use two lip liners with these looks. I'll get to those in a moment. 
I am a huge fan of MAC Heroine because it looks so different on everyone. If I pair it with my Rimmel eyeliner in Aubergine it deepens the purple. 
I also use Rimmel's Aubergine as a lip liner with Makeup Revolution's Depraved lipstick to give it a purple-grey look. I love this with a smokey grey look as it is so so different. 
I need to invest in more of the Too Faced Melted lippies as I love this one in Violet. It can be sheered out as a nice purple - pink or amped up to be a gorgeous purple. These last ages on the lips and are so comfy. 
I rocked my MAC Rebel a lot in the Winter and wan…


Good Afternoon, 
Now I am not an expert at these 'look book' posts so please bare with me. Time was not on my side this week and I didn't have that handy of an assistant.
This post is in collab with my lovely friend Tania. I will leave more info at the end of the post :D 

My playsuit is from H by Henry Holland which is available in Debenhams. My tassle leather jacket is from Primark and it's about 2 years old. My bag is from Primark too and was a bargain at £5. My sunglasses were bought in Bilbao last Summer. 
I love this outfit for evening/night time in the Spring/Summer and you can really jazz it up with booties or heels. I have flats on that are plain black. 

The tassle jacket makes a return haha. This little jacket is the perfect day/night jacket. When I'm out in the day time I try be as casual as I can. If I need to be somewhere fancy then I can put something else together but to explore the Cornish beaches I will be comfy. 
My skinny jeans are from GAP, the…