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Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow

Hi loves,

Well last week I mentioned on my Twitter that Wilko's in Cheltenham was carrying a full range of Essence products. I am very familiar with the brand so my excitement levels were high.

I have used one of these Metal Glam shadows before and my word they are gorgeous. I had a dark brown one called 'Chocolate Jewellery' and it was amazing. You can use these dry or wet which is great. I used this one day as just an eyeliner on the top lid and it looked gorgeous. In real life it looks blue but in the pics and on the swatch it's a more teal/blue colour. Either way it is gorgeous.

These last all day and never look dull. There is a slight over spray on the product at first just to forewarn you all.

I can't remember the price but I want to say £2.99. Check your local Wilko's and buy them all.

Let me know if you buy any of these products.

V xox

Just want to thank Nicola for my gorgeous new blog design. Check out her Twitter here.

Barbara Daly Longwear Eyeshadow

Hey guys,

Well, if you watch any of the UK YouTubers (Anna, Lily, Tanya and Amelia) then you will have heard of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar. This is a complete dupe and I believe my first dupe post. Yay.

When I saw these in Tesco I thought oh £3 they might be ok. I can honestly say this has wowed me. So gorgeously pigmented, waterproof and whilst it goes on and dries quick you still have enough time to blend it out or into the crease. It is incredible.

I am not sure of the shade range, I believe there are four. I wanted something lighter as we are in Summer and this looks a little like Bubbly by Stila. I am definitely going back to try some more out. I do have a tutorial with this to go up next week so stayed tuned for that.

Would you wear this or buy the By Terry £28 version? Let me know.

V xox

Barry M 'LOUD MOUTH' Liquid Lip Colour

Hey all,

Well, it's been a minute since my last post. My family came to visit from Ireland so my attention was fully on providing entertainment for everyone which was amazing.

Now, I have tried the Sleek Pout Paints and hated them. I have been curious about the OCC Lip Tars but never seem to have bought one, YET anyway. When I saw these on the Barry M stand last month I grabbed a safe coral shade. I have had this for about a month and kept forgetting about it, tut tut.

Excuse the huge swatch, a little goes a long way. I really like this liquid lip colour. They don't dry out your lips and definitely have a glossy finish. I find them to bleed easily and they tend to transfer from the lip area easily too. However that being said the applicator for this is so easy to use on the go but as I said before a little goes a long way. These tube type products are all the same, take your time applying.

This coral shade 'Screamer' is so pretty and definitely a summer hit. There are…


Well hello there,

What is the one makeup brush you need multiple of? Asides from face brushes that is. Personally I think a blending eye brush is key. I also think having two or more is necessary. I have a Sigma E40 that's large and fluffy but kind of sheds and scratches my eye lid, I also have a Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush that is nearly the perfect size but just a little too big.

Say hello to the new kid on my block, Nanshy Blending brush. I received this recently to test out and I love it. What is great about it is the versatility of this brush. Yes it's mainly aimed at blending in shadow but it is also a great packing brush. I found with the brush being synthetic, it picked product up much easier and made applying shadow to the lid easy and when I held the brush up it made for a great blending to the crease brush.

I also loved using it on my lower lash line. I would tilt the brush sideways to smudge shadow outwards and push it into my lash line. I love that the brus…

Blog Love #1

Hello hello,

I really felt this post was necessary. I see them done all the time and always want to share the love. I'm going to choose 3 today and maybe do one of these posts a month.

Kate has become a very close friend to me. I absolutely adore her and I really wished she lived nearer to me. Kate is an Aussie (awesome accent) and she just rules. I love how different her blog is to everyone other blog out there. I love the Macabre Monday posts where Kate posts about horror movies and all things horror. There's a great mix of lifestyle, fashion and beauty on her blog. Go check her out right here, right now.

Next up is Shannon. I adore this girl. We have the funniest text conversations about usually nothing. When I started blogging I remember Shannon being so kind with advice. I really appreciated that. Shannon's blog has mainly beauty and skin care reviews/hauls but recently she has branched into the cooking world. Honestly, the way Shannon photographs the foods makes me …

Hand Cream Saviours

Hello there,

My hands can get very dry and they tend to peel which is gross but it happens. Over the years I have used many a hand cream. Maybe too many if I am honest. 

We shall start with this gem. I have found a few items from Anatomicals in TK Maxx lately.  I got this hand cream for £4 in TK Maxx, Worcester. I love their face wash so thought this would be good too. I had been using the Soap & Glory Hand Food but it can be a tad greasy. This hand cream has a clinical scent but leaves my hands feeling so super soft. ASOS have it in a set here.

I got this Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream last week and fell in love. It has a gorgeous scent of Rosewater but it isn't over powering. The mix of Rosewater with Shea Butter makes it feel so luxurious on the skin. I cannot recommend this enough. At the moment it is on sale but is usually £15 here or in store.

Look how awkward I put the tube haha.

I am really getting into skin and general body care at the moment. Have you any other…

bareMinerals 'The Wild Thing' Quad

Hey loves,

Well, this post may have you dribbling. I am featuring my FAVOURITE quad ever!! What a statement.

I have never tried anything from bareMinerals but have heard so much about them. I have tried mineral foundation from Avon before and didn't like it so it put me off. So I was browsing the makeup section of House of Fraser as there was a sale and stumbled upon this beauty.

The cute packaging on the cardboard alone feels high end. So from the picture you can see I didn't go for a normal neutral quad.

Ok so I just had a moment looking at my pictures. It is so pretty. It looks luxurious and feels it too. I got this on offer for £20.30 but it normally priced for £29. It is also limited edition.

What bareMinerals say 'The READY® eyeshadow from bareMinerals® provides exceptionally vivid, long-wearing colour in an ultra smooth, silky texture for effortless application and seamless blendability. Powered by our proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex along with powerfu…

Collection Deluxe Lipstick 'Tallulah'

Hey loves,

Well another lipstick post today. Oh dear. I definitely never get sick of buying new lippies.

I remember on St Patrick's Day my friend Aishling had this on her lips. I had seen it in Boots before and loved it, just never bought it. There was no reason why, I just forgot, a tonne of times.

So, first off I love this colour. It's a baby pink but a nude baby pink. A very wearable shade day or night. What I like is the lipstick colour being on the bottom of the bullet. It is very true to the bullet.

The formula is very creamy which is to be expected as it has shea butter in the ingredients but it does moisturise very nicely. What I love is how cute it looks on my lips. I know that sounds weird but it's just lovely. You can go with a few coats on the lips and it doesn't move odd or leave marks.

Ohhh look at that pretty swatch. Beautiful and only £3.99 here.

I can definitely recommend this gorgeous shade. It might not last more than 2/3 hours on your lips but it i…


Hey loves,

Hope you are all well? Today I have a lipstick post. YAY!!

I was given this lipstick by a friend Sylvia (thank you) and when I saw it in the tube I was intrigued. It is a very light orange/coral but has almost like a frost finish to it. I love a orange lip, MAC Morange is a gorgeous shade and I love my Lime Crime lippy in My Beautiful Rocket. I never remembered seeing this on a Rimmel stand so was pleased to receive it as a gift. 

The love heart is a light swatch to show how pretty it is without being built up BUT you can definitely make it more vibrant with a few more swipes. I am not sure if this is still available but here is a link to it on Amazon. The perfect orange for the day time or if you are simply a newbie to the vibrance of an orange lip. Gorgeous and lasts about 4 hours on the lips. Win win!!
Have you tried this? 
V xox

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara

Well hello there,

So tell me this, who likes L'oreal? I do and I don't. I love their hair stuff but their makeup hasn't wowed me. I declared my love for the True Match Foundation until it started to oxidise on me. I needed a good mascara and after Fleur DeForce raved about this one, I had to get it.

I cannot tell you how many times I went to get this and then thought the brush would be too big. I am oh so odd sometimes. I went for extra black as I love having defined lashes that pop and as you can see above, the brush is large.

So, what's my verdict? I can tell you now that this mascara is my fave from the High Street/Drugstore EVER! It is so light on the lashes but yet does so much. I didn't want to curl my lashes today for example and yet I had a lovely curl. It doesn't flake onto my face throughout the day and stays jet black all day. I had this on for over 12 hours and I was still wowed at the length, curl and volume from my lashes.

Go get this mascara peop…