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Hey beauts,

Well I thought I would mix it up today. I usually do reviews, focus posts and the odd haul BUT wanted to get a tad personal.

Now forgive me as I can never remembers dates, years etc.

Here we go *breathes in, these are OLD pics and not all flattering haha*

So this is me as a kid. I was always a quirky dresser. My mother always told me I was quiet and kept myself to myself. I never left my parents side, I had separation anxiety. Haha.

Funny story, if my parents went out for dinner or for a few drinks, I would hate it. My cousin Janet use to babysit us and I would cry like crazy and when they left the house, I would vomit because I wanted them back. I was a nightmare. I find it hilarious telling this tale as it is so needy and just amuses me endlessly. You can't be mad at someone who in a weird way loved their parents haha.

 This haircut, OH MY WORD! I had asked for a short style and I remember giving the Head Stylist in Toni & Guy tonnes of pictures so she didn'…

Bourjois Color Edition 24H | Cream to Powder Eyeshadow

Dia Duit, which is Irish for Hello,

Am I right when saying the sunshine is divine? My hay fever is at bay so far. Today I have a wonderful little discovery.

I was wandering around my town the other day and went into one of the chemists. They don't sell Bourjois everywhere over here in Ireland so I was happy to see it. I think Bourjois are my favourite drugstore/high street brand.

I had seen these eyeshadows on some blogs and they really intrigued me. With moving to Ireland for a little while and being fixated with Wet N Wild, I forgot all about them.

The chemist only had this shade and a bronze shade. I chose the silver shade to be different.. It was €5.95 and not the usual €8.99 or for you UK readers, £6.99. I am in love with my Naked 2 palette (it's my fave) and thought this would be great with the cool tone silvers in that palette (Verve, Pistol and Suspect especially)

I just love this product. I love the pigmentation, longevity and sparkle it gives on the lid. I have used …

Makeup Artist Focus | Liza Prideaux

Hey beauties,

I have installment number three of my MUA Focus. I first spoke to Liza last year when I looking to attend the S/W Meetup. I was nervous to even ask if I could attend but she made me feel very much like a friend. I truly appreciated her kindness and I think her positive outlook on life is to be admired.

What made you start a blog? I began blogging because many friends would ask me for make-up tips and tricks all the time, I thought having my own space to share these tips and tricks would answer alot of questions and I liked the thought of being able to get creative and share my thoughts with everyone.

Do you have 3 blogs you have to read per day or week? I read lots of blogs but the top three I always come back to are; I just adore Alex's photography and I love reading about her son Ethan and hearing about his milestones as he is just a month or so younger than Vinny, I have many favourite mummy blogs but that along with Oh So Amelia is my favo…

Wet N Wild 'Poster Child' Palette

Hey loves,

Well today I have yet ANOTHER palette from Wet N Wild to talk about. Do you think if I ask, they would sponsor me? Haha.

Now, I have had my eyeballs on this for some time. I literally wanted it more than the Comfort Zone palette. I have also reviewed that here. The reason I bought the Comfort Zone was the sheer hype of the palette.

So, take a moment and look at the gorgeous colours. I mean, HELLO! I love neutrals but I especially love bright colours. Whilst you soak in the prettiness of those colours, here's a picture of the brush you get.

If you don't like brights then this won't be for you BUT if you want to buy a bright palette for a pop of colour in your eye look then this is for you. I have used this several times with various looks. I might do a 2 looks 1 palette with this.

I did mark the highlight shades as they are sheer. You see them in the palette and wonder are they going to be bright but they are sheer and actually quite pleasing on the browbone. Dow…

Catrice Longlasting WATERPROOF Eye Pencil

Hey loves,

Well if you saw my haul video, linked at the end, then you will have seen this eyeliner. I think I was a tad TOO excited about it.

So, in Ireland I can buy Catrice in most chemists but in the UK I can't. I always try and stock up on a few items when in Ireland.

What I like most is the retractable element. I am not a huge fan of sharpening pencils. It's nice and slim too so you can be as precise with your line or as thick with your line, each to their own preference.

There were a few colours when I bought this but I loved the idea of gold liner. It really is pretty. It's a very soft liner which I expected. The nib broke on my first swatch, which just irritated me.

I absolutely love this eyeliner. Whilst it is one to work with, it is so stunning on the lower lash liner or what I have done with it, is pop it as liner on my lid and a soft crease. Tutorial coming soon. It dries incredibly fast too and does not move. Waterproof it is.

Have you tried Catrice? Have a l…

Huge Haul!!

Hey loves,

Well over the last couple of months I have done some shopping and been gifted some items so I sat down and recorded a haul.

I would love if you watched and subbed. Grab a drink and relax :D

I have also put a small review in the video. Have a wonderful day,

V xox

Makeup Artist Focus | Rupinder Mundra | Beauty Bootcamp

Hey loves,

I'm starting a new series on my blog where I focus on a Makeup Artist and get the low down on their skills, tips etc. I am excited. I have become good friends with Rupinder who recently starred in Daily Mix' Beauty Bootcamp. Rupinder is such an amazing girl.

What made you start a blog?
When I was growing up and experimenting with beauty products, beauty gurus weren't really around which led to me taking matters into my own hands and teaching myself things about products and learning on my own terms. I'm 20 years old  so this new wave of beauty bloggers/youtubers was starting out when I was about 15 and honestly at that time I just felt I was too young to put myself out there for the world. I felt very vulnerable and as though I needed to strengthen my abilities so through youtubers like Lisa Eldridge, Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr etc they escalated my passion and made me realise that beauty is a realistic profession. I was encouraged to begin a blog from fa…

Catching Up!

Hey loves,

If you didn't know, I have a YouTube channel. Would love if you subbed :D If you have a channel please leave me your link.

Thanks love,

Victoria xox

Wet N Wild Coverall Pressed Powder

Hey loves,

Well you can tell I have been on a WNW binge lately. Their stuff is so affordable.

My one big pain in the butt with cosmetics is a finishing powder. I cannot for the life of me find my holy grail. Ever. I will try them all until I get one.

I have heard quite a bit about this powder so I was definitely intrigued.

It isn't bad packaging for €3.99 and 7.5g of product. It's small and sleek. Whilst the sponge is a nice touch, I will never use it. It's not chalky and not too powdery to touch. It is finely milled.

I have only used it yesterday and today and loved it. That may change but so far it is great. I didn't need a touch up until maybe 5 hours after my first application. If you have seen it around and you've been curious? Give it a go.

I think that's all my Wet N Wild posts for a while now but I have to buy it whilst in Ireland, it's not available in the UK. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Have you tried anything from Wet N Wild?…

Wet N Wild Mega Liner

Hey loves,

As you may have guessed, Wet N Wild is available to buy in Ireland now. One of our supermarkets here called Dunnes Stores carries it. They booted Essence out and got Wet N Wild in.

For those who are new to liquid liner or just prefer gel, try this if you can.

As you can the brush is short but it isn't as pointed as some others I have seen. My issue with liquid liner is getting a grip with the brush so it's firm but still moves. I don't think for me, as a beginner, a long brush or handle is ideal.

I love this product. The handle and brush make it so easy for you to have a good grip. The colour range isn't the largest but I chose turquoise for the Spring. I found two coats of this on the lid made it pop and look very different. This liner is so easy to use, I even managed to get a wing. That is a huge deal, for me anyway.

For €2.99, I have to go back for more. For those in the UK looking for Wet N Wild, click here.

Victoria xox