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Physicians Formula Multi Coloured Blush

Hey loves,

Today I have a post on an American brand, Physicians Formula. It is not technically in any stores in Europe BUT sometimes TK Maxx have random products from the brand.

I have a couple of products from PF. I have a custom eye palette and a face powder. When I seen this blush, I won't lie, I got too excited.

I like the girly packaging and it's small but compact.

Underneath the blush you get a mirror and a brush. The brush is very cheap and really not necessary. It has a shape very similiar to a Rae Morris brush I like.

 As you can see in the swatch picture, the colour is very natural. I love that it's not too heavy. Justthe perfect amount of glow when on the cheeks.

As you can see it has some pink, tan and brown in a gorgeous mosaic. I love this. When on the cheeks, it lasts nearly 7 hours. I got this for a mere €3.99, I mean BARGAIN!!

All in all, I love this little blush. I can see it being used a lot in the summer. Always check your TK Maxx loves. I always find t…

LUX Beauty Makeup Sponge Stick

Hey loves,

Today's post is another beauty find from TK Maxx. I tend to browse the makeup brush section as they sell Physicians Formula there and sometimes Eco Tools. I saw this makeup sponge stick and thought WOW, how weird.

I cannot for the life of me find this bad boy online. The website on the packaging does not work. had it on theirs but I even then struggled.

It is such a clever tool. The sponge is soft yet still hard, a little tougher than a beauty blender. The main side is flat and the back is curved and where it is the longest. The front section is the shortest. What do you use this for? Everything in my opinion. This will be great for cream products, foundation and concealer. I do think it would take a lot of time to do foundation with this as it's not massive. The jagged sides make it very easy to get into the nooks and crooks around the nose area.

I love this €6.99 bargain. It is strange yet exciting. Keep your eyes open in TK Maxx loves, tonnes of barga…

Sally Hensen 'Sugar Coat' Textured Nail Polish


So today I have a nail polish post. Yay!

I am in Ireland at the moment and whereas the UK has Poundland, it's sister company here is Dealz, yes with a Z. When I was in Stillorgan I popped in for a nose and saw this there for €1.49. Ummmm, bargain. I have heard mixed reports on these babies so boom what an offer.

There were some other bright colours there but I thought the yellow looked awesome, especially with the Spring on its way, or so we believe. I love this pastel yellow, it makes me happy haha.

The bottle has the texture feel on the front so you have an idea of what you're buying before you buy. How thoughtful. I like the square type bottle and the brush is a normal size, which is totally fine.

I really like this polish. I have a Barry M textured polish and find the dirt of everyday sticks and sinks into the polish. This doesn't happen to this one at all, which to me is good. I put three coats on to make sure it lasted a few days and I wanted the colour to be su…

Veil Cover Cream*


A couple of weeks ago I was sent samples of Veil Cover Cream * . I was instantly intrigued as my skin can be very pink at times and then slightly yellow at other times, in other words it is a pain. I have slight scarring from acne on my cheeks that an ordinary concealer doesn't always cover well.

I have heard of Veil before and definitely wasn't sure if my skin was extreme enough for this form of product.

Veil says 'Veil products help cover Birthmarks, Burn scars, scars, Age spots, Moles, Broken capillaries, Varicose veins, Acne marks, Tattoos, Rosacea, Portwine stains, Camouflage, Vitiligo, Permanent pigmentation and Eczema.'

What I like is the colour selection. Every single shade imaginable, for every skin type and then some. Just a fantastic range of shades. You can also mix them together if you want a different shade. What I will say is that the product is very thick and almost of a mousse type texture. I have used a few different shades that I will speak ab…

Wet N Wild | Just Peachy

Hey guys,

I have been on a Wet N Wild binge lately. I am taking full advantage of the fact that they're sold here in Ireland and it is so cheap. I have to thank my Mam for giving me the money to buy some makeup.

These lipsticks retail here in Ireland for €2.99 which is a bargain. This is a gorgeous pastel peach shade. I can see a slight pink undertone to it but this is a peach shade first and foremost.

I have to admit, the packaging drives me mad. I have Mauve Outta Here and the lipstick broke from the packaging in my bag somehow. It's a tad flimsy. That is the only drawback for the inexpensive product.

I absolutely love this lipstick. It's a semi matte finish and lasts so long on the lips. I get about 4 hours before I check it. Another brilliant quality is that it does not transfer at all. Just love this. I am definitely going back to get a backup or two.

Do you have lipsticks from Wet N Wild?

Victoria xox

#YESMovement Mania | WWE Post

Hey guys, I write articles for Wrestling News Source  and this is my most recent offering.  Images sources from Google.WNS Fans View: #YESMovement Mania Posted By: Vicky E on Mar 11, 2014

It’s very hard not to write about the #YESMovement. We are all part of it, whether we want to be or not.The reason I am writing this short article is to emphasise how important it is for future references, to look at the bigger picture with certain storylines. Months and months ago, we all sat through many RAWs and PPVs and thought ‘WHY IS BRYAN BEING BURIED?’ It’s almost like we know him personally, maybe someone reading this does.Many moons ago I read online that John Cena wanted to step away from a lot of WWE front line commitments and maybe he was considering retirement in a few years but he wanted to be a helping hand in choosing the new face or one of the new main event guys for WWE. Since then we have seen Daniel Bryan win the title and lose the title many times over. We have seen h…

February Favourites | Makeup

Well hey there,

I usually film monthly favourites but I wanted to update my little blog. So here we are.

So, I thought I would just do a makeup monthly favourites post as I don't have all my skincare etc with me in Ireland.

First up, foundations. I have been using these two bad boys either together or separately. I am not a fan of matte finishes but this Rimmel foundation so lightweight on the skin, it's gorgeous. I do have to warm my face up when it's applied but that's because it is a very pink based foundation. It covers very well and lasts a long time. The L'oreal foundation is a slight bit too yellow for me so I use it with a light hand. Otherwise it is a gorgeous, long lasting foundation. Both are highly recommended.

I love my NARS duo in Desire/Amour. I tend to mix the colours together for a healthy glow. Sleek's blush in Antique has been an almost daily staple for me, blush wise, since last year. It gives a gorgeous glow to the skin and is excellent fo…

Wet N Wild Matte Lipstick

Hey loves,

Well this is my second Wet N Wild post this week. They've recently came to Ireland through Dunnes Stores which is like Sainsburys in the UK.

I honestly didn't know what colour to choose and I have a wide variety of colours already so I wanted to pick something different. I ran out of my MAC Please Me lipstick last year and it was my favourite everyday lipstick so that was the thought process behind this pick.

Whilst it might not be a dupe for my beloved Please Me, it's not too far off. I love the creamy texture of these lipsticks and they take a few moments to dry matte. Another thing that impressed me with my €2.99 purchase was the lasting power. I ate and drank with this on and it didn't move once. It hardly transferred onto my cup and it slightly stains the lips. It did take makeup remover to come off.

Would I recommend these Wet N Wild matte lipsticks? Absolutely. They are a bargain price, I mean come on!!

Do you have any of these lippies?

Victoria xox

Wet N Wild 'Comfort Zone' Palette

Hello there,

Long time, no blog, heh.

This is probably Wet N Wild's most famous eyeshadow palette. Now that I have it and have played with it for a few days, I can see why.

As you can see there's no matte shades, there are shimmer/satin. I don't mind that one bit. I don't use the guides on each shadow, there's no rule that you have to haha.

The pigmentation is strong and I thought the designated browbone colours would be powdery but they're light and soft. The end shadow swatched is divine. It is very similar to MAC's Blue Brown pigment, probably not as pigmented but not far off it at all. The shadows are long lasting on the lid but definitely need a primer.

I got this in Dunnes Stores for €6.49 which is amazing.

Look out for a video or two on my YouTube this week.

Victoria xox