REVIEW: BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo Palette

Hi there, So, let's try this again eh? Makeup is a passion of mine along with other things so let's try keep at it. When this Shaaanxo collab with BH Cosmetics was released in Feb 2016, everyone was excited. I feel like in a sea of makeup gurus online, she is one I can nearly guarantee an honest opinion from. The video she did was nice and I knew that it was good quality because she kept using it in her videos. So, this year Beauty Bay (not sponsored) started selling BH on their site and I was intrigued. I always wait until some of my faves review products before I even think about them. When I was ready to order I checked Beauty Chamber (not sponsored) and they had it for £12.95 and not BB's £18. I mean it was a no brainer really. Please excuse my natural daylight pics but I wanted it to be more realistic. It's a dual palette where it opens on both sides. It's made of heavy cardboard and isn't flimsy. It has a heavy magnetic closing but I am


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The Comeback Queen?

Good Morning, How have we all been? Where have you been and what have you been up to? (Who am I talking to?) :P  I *believe* this is my comeback. I have some favourites for you and a little update at the end.  It's still warm or should I say humid here in the UK so I am still baring with the minimal makeup look.  Makeup Geek eyeshadows are EVERYTHING. Pigmented, easy to blend and affordable. Illamasqua 'Lover' blush is a gorge matte peach and suits fair skin so well. I love it. Becca 'Champagne Pop' is too dark on me in the Winter so she's been my bitch this Summer. MAC Burgundy x9 is warm toned and one for the year around. Gorgeous shades with 2 duds though. Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 'Light' is creamy, light and doesn't crease on my tired under eyes. WOOHOO. Also, it's from the high street so cheap. NYX Tame and Frame in 'Espresso' is a great eyebrow product but just a little too warm. Keep the brows go


Well hello there,  I have an exciting video to share with you guys. I got a lovely surprise from my friend in the mail.  COLOURPOP yay!! Living in the UK, these are not available directly to the UK. I think what's preventing them from delivering here is the nature of the products as they are of a mousse type texture which could be broken easily. I could be wrong but it makes sense.  The video has all details so please have a peep and give me some feedback. <3   

Homesick Survival Guide #1

Hey loves, I've wanted to write this for the longest time. I get a lot of questions about how I'm an Irish woman in the UK and do I not miss my family? Um, YES!! There's no real reason that the homesick feelings happens, it literally can pop out of nowhere. I have a few tips to share. First off I would invest in Skype and Whatsapp. Tell your loved ones to do the same, no no, DEMAND they get these apps. I use Whatsapp all the time for everyone as my signal with EE can be dodgy. Write down how you feel and look back on it a few days later and try work on your feelings. I use to feel physically sick when I got homesick and over time I learned to have a good cry and not feel ashamed by it. Netflix and movies can really take time away. I do this more often than I admit. If I feel like I just want to pack up and go home, I'll turn on Netflix and pop PLL on. It's escaping reality yes but I forget about how shit I feel afterwards. Treat yourself to


Hey loves, I realised the other day that I had two new Kate lipsticks by Rimmel and two I'm not sure I have mentioned on my blog before. If I have, don't judge me haha!! I have to admit loving the packaging of these Kate lippies. Black and sleek with the signature in a different colour. The downside is not knowing which colour is which.  So, the first picture is a lilac based pink named 35. I've wanted this one for a wee while now and now I have my new prized lippy. Then we have one of the NEW nude shades, there were four on display in Boots so I picked number 45. Just so pretty. The bottom two are kind of alike but one is more coral and one is more raspberry colour wise that is. Number 90 is a very pretty raspberry red/orange shade. I don't have anything else quite like it. I got number 110 on a whim last Summer and love that it's not straight up orange, there's a coral to it.  left to right; 45, 90, 110 and 35 I l
Hi beauties, I just looked at my views and nearly 30k views in a year and a half. Wow. :D  Well I have a cool post today about a coloured mascara. Now I know Benefit have just released their new versions of They're Real. This is probably nothing compared to those but hey let's give it a go. Miss Sporty to me is a brand that I associate with teenagers. It's cheap and cheerful. Perfect for beginners in makeup. I included pictures of the wand with and without a flash so you could see the difference. So, what is this bad boy like? It is decent. Long lasting it's not but it is vibrant on the lashes. I used it both as a standalone mascara and on the tips similar to the Ciate Lashlights. If you don't know whether or not coloured mascara would suit you but you still want to try it? Give this a go. Honestly it is all in good fun. A definite 7/10 from me. Have a great day in this scorching heat guys but please keep hydrated. V xxx