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Hey guys,

I want to give back to you readers/friends/bloggers SO I have set up a random giveaway.

I'm giving away two of my new fave make-up items. To enter just hit the rafflecopter below. It's from today till next Sunday. Don't forget it is to follow my blog on Bloglovin'

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Good luck xx

Loose leaf tea??!

Well good day,

I have taken it upon myself to start sharing some of my favourite non beauty products. I know these are often frowned upon but hey ho. Now as a typical Irish person one of my must haves daily is tea. I like a strong tea and I usually leave the tea bag in. So gross yet so good.

When I was at the Treefest in Westonbirt I spotted a tea stand and the rest is history. They had an array of flavours and samples as well as some crockery but I needed Assam tea. I can't seem to find a loose leaf Assam tea anywhere.

Let me tell you, this is gorgeous and so full of flavour. A teaspoon of this into my little pot, wait a couple of minutes and I am literally so happy.

This is a local brand which is so delightful. I highly recommend taking a look at their site, click here, they are honestly lovely women. I cannot wait to go try more of their teas.

I just love my Starbucks mug. So cheesey.

Have you any tea recommendations for me? I would love to know.

Mary Kay WHITE Gel Liner

Good evening ladies,

Well I have a very exciting post today. I have for so long been on the hunt for a white gel liner. I saw Shaaanxo and Chloe Morello both use white liner in tutorials and well I fell in love. As you can see I found one and it is a good one. 
The packaging on this Mary Kay product is so cute and girly. The blue lid and the small brush, just adorable. 

So, as you can it is EXTREMELY pigmented. So pigmented. I do have a look for my YouTube coming this weekend. I show you two different ways to wear it. Yay!!
So back to the product. It is very much my favourite product this year so far. I mean that can definitely change depending on my mood but asides from my BareMinerals quad (review here) my purchases this year have been very normal. 
It is a thick gel liner but feels lightweight. Whilst on the eyelids depending on the shadow you have on, it might need a second coat. It doesn't say it's waterproof but it does not budge. The brush that comes with this baby is …

L'oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadows

Hey guys,

Well I have been in the bad habit of buying make-up lately. *slaps hand* It happens, let's embrace it. I first spotted these eye shadows from L'oreal over a month ago in Boots. There are a few colours I have seen before and some I thought were interesting.

I am more of a palette girl so it definitely takes something special to make me buy a single eye shadow. These L'oreal shadows are stunning. They glide onto the lid and feel so buttery to touch.

Usually with a product like this I expect fall out or some powder type of look on a swatch but it's very well put together. It says on the back about it being gel infused which will help with the touch of the shadow as well as the lasting power.

I love this shade in the crease to warm up any eye look but it is also gorgeous alone with a nice pop of black liner on the waterline or upper lash line. It is the most perfect peachy pink ever I think. You can get these at Boots, click here, for £5.49. Boots usually always …

Muji Haul

Hey hey,

I went to London the other day to sort out my passport but of course I wandered about afterwards. I didn't really expect to shop as I was only going to the Irish Embassy and back. Oops.

I absolutely loved the shop. There are randomly some clothes at the back of the store. I headed straight for the storage. As I really want to change my make-up layout and how I set it up, I was literally drooling at the endless amounts of storage options.

I didn't end up buying too much as I want to wait until I paint my room and get an extra table. I got some of these drawer boxes for my slide out drawer at my desk. They were so cheap at £2.50 each. Bargain alert.

Who doesn't love a good candle? This one smells so yummy yet it's not overpowering at all. I love berry scents in candles, makes me think of cosy evenings.

This was a very small haul, I know. I really urge you to pop into the store if you're near King's Road, London. The staff were helpful and really nice.


Essie 'Power Clutch' & 'Vested Interest'

Hey guys,

So, as some of you know I am quite keen on nail polish. I don't tend to blog about them often as there are so many nail bloggers out there. Recently I bought two nail polishes and it wasn't until I got back to the house that I realised they were very VERY similar.

It was one of those moments where you see two gorgeous colours and grab them both. However alike they are, they're still a little different. Power Clutch has an almost olive undertone to it but the overall shade is a grey/taupe. So pretty. Vested Interest is the more green/taupe shade. Again, very pretty.

Just look how pretty they are. If you can tell them apart, tell me in the comments. I love Essie, they are my all time favourite brand and always last about a week on my nails. Barry M come a close second in the favourite stakes.

Have you any suggestions for my next Essie polish purchases?

Victoria xox

Makeup Revolution Lipstick 'Felony'

Hey guys,

So, I hope you've all been well. I made a very large order to Makeup Revolution the other week and when it came last week I ripped open the box. Like a kid at Christmas. I already reviewed their Matte Effect foundation so check that out too.

This is a yellow lipstick. Yellow. I know Lime Crime have a lipstick this shade 'New Yolk City' but I don't ever want to spend that much on a yellow lipstick. This on the other hand was £1, buy it here.

I don't have any desire to wear this alone on the lips as it is very sheer but it could work with an orange shade to do an ombré effect. I think around Halloween or a party this will be awesome. On the lips it isn't as pigmented but still vivid enough after a few layers.

Is this something fun and not everyday? Yes. A great lipstick regardless and especially for the price.

Have you tried these yet?

Victoria xox

Makeup Revolution 'The Matte Effect' Foundation

Hey guys,

So, I kind of placed some online orders recently with payday and all that jazz. I haven't heard many people talk about this foundation and I really wanted to try one from Makeup Revolution so here we have it, a review.

I got the shade 'Cool Ivory' as it seemed to be more yellow based which works well on my pink/yellow skin. For me being both undertones and neutral it is a struggle with colour shading. I do tend to stick to Bourjois or higher end foundation but if I can find a high street one I will always stick with it.

The colour match is great albeit a tad dark on some areas but nothing too insane. I use a Smashbox oil free primer and it glides over it, leaving no patches. The problem with this foundation is how runny it is and very very lightweight. I hardly noticed one layer on my skin and when I put a second layer down, in some parts it separated.

I do think this is more suitable to days when you want very little coverage or it can act as a base similar to …