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Hey loves,

I write this as I am listening to Chris Jericho's podcast. I am literally the biggest WWE nerd haha.

I jumped over fences when I saw NYX in Ireland. It was in the most random pharmacies but still it was in Ireland. I got a few products before my return to the UK and have shared some on my blog already. Check the sidebar for those.

The packaging isn't the worst out there. It is black plastic, has some cute hearts on it but you can clearly see the shade of the lipstick in the middle which pleases me.

As you can see it's not everyone's cup of tea colour wise BUT I love it. I find this mid tone brown to be very nice on pale skin and it has a grey undertone that makes it so wearable. 
I couldn't find this on the NYX website but this was €7.49/£6. The wear time is 3/4 hours and that's with eating and drinking. In the lip swatch I have Wet N Wild's lip liner in Willow on which gave it a softer look. 
Absolutely love this shade guys. 
Have you tried the …


Hey there,

So, I have never posted about lip liners before (to my knowledge) and today is a lip liner post. I think whether you use them or not it's interesting to see what is good etc.

I do love a nude lip but sometimes I do want something underneath the lipstick to make it less nude. I just want to give it  a bit of life if it's a tad too beige.

As you can see this liner is slightly different to a typical nude liner. It very much borders on the brown side. I really like it and love how long it lasts. It is a pencil that you sharpen yourself which doesn't bother me at all.

In the light this can look slightly peach so it is hugely versatile and can compliment any nude/light lipstick. I bought this for €1.99 in Ireland which is so affordable.

Have a wonderful day,
V xox


Hey loves,

How are we all? What a glorious few days it has been here in the UK. The sunshine has been gorgeous. I was in Debenhams recently and saw the new Too Faced Melted lip products and instantly had a nosey at them. Naturally I had to have one.

I have been buying a lot of nudes and subtle colours lately and to be fair, that's boring, for me. I am very bold and out there with my shade choices usually so I am back on that vibe now thankfully.

I love the packaging. It's lightweight and just so different on my makeup stand. Looks quirky and fun. It doesn't look like 12ml of product but apparently it is that.

I tried it on in Debenhams, the girl used a lip brush and it was all very clean, don't worry. I loved it but she really piled it on my lips and I looked like some kind of anime character. I blotted some off and let it set. It sets as a semi matte finish. I bought melted violent because it looked so gorgeous. The pink undertone to it is so subtle but definitely no…


Hey loves,

Have you all been enjoying the weather? So, NYX have landed in Ireland and it is so exciting. I am a huge fan of the fact that L'oreal bought the company which will hopefully make it more accessible.

I only bought one Butter Gloss as I wanted to try it first but I really could have bought them all. They have a great shade range and they all look so pretty. They retail for €6.49 or £5.

In the tube this definitely looks more on the coral side but is a light pink with a slight hint of coral on the lips. That is the only negative but how and ever I do still love it. It is a thicker formula to what I expected and has a little tackiness to it which I like as it can make the gloss last longer.

I tend to wear it alone but it looks gorgeous over a nude. It's also definitely a gloss you can build up. There is honestly nothing more to say but to go buy it. I am not a huge lip gloss wearer but love this.

You can buy NYX here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Also, my cousin S…


Hey guys,

Well today I want to share with you my new obsession. A bronzer, yes you read that right. Now as I am as pale as they get, loving a bronzer is a huge deal.

I absolutely adore the Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer by Too Faced but I wanted a baked bronzer to give a subtle hint of shimmer. Enter, Makeup Rev. I like that shortened name hehe. Another thing, I love the veining of the bronzer and it just looks like a MAC MSF.

I love how warm and glowy this makes my cheeks. So so pretty. It is a tad too dark for my skin tone but nothing that is alarmingly awful. I use a light hand and I can carve out a nice contour and warm up my pale skin.

I cannot rave about this anymore. Go buy it. These last on the skin for so long, I last checked mine at 7 hours and it was still glistening on my cheeks.

You can buy it here for £4, bargain.

Have a wonderful Friday,
V xox


Well hello there,

Today I have another Makeup Revolution post. I am loving this brand. Also, I hear tomorrow is to be a corker of a heatwave.

As far as pigments go, I wouldn't be a huge fan of them. They can be messy and you don't always get the colour payoff you desire. When I tried this pigment it was very heavy on the fallout even when the brush was wet. That is to be expected. It is a grey/black with silver specks in it.

It is pigmented but nothing very strongly pigmented. I found it needed a lot of build up on the lid. As you can see on my hand it is quite patchy. Unfortunately I just do not love this product but I definitely want to work with it more.

Have you tried the pigments from this brand? You can buy it here.

Have a wonderful day,
V xox


Hello there,

So, if you follow me on Twitter (which you should, click here to do so) then you will have seen me on the hunt for a beauty subscription box to follow. I decided to go with Birchbox as it was suggested to me but I also heard the best comments about it.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive this little box of goodness. So, what did I get?

So, I think I am in love with everything. Now I have yet to try anything but I will keep you updated.

So, those are the contents this month. My first Birchbox woohoo. I will keep you updated on the products and You can buy Birchbox here.

Oh I just love the cute little bag too.

Have you had anything different in your Birchbox? What are your thoughts? Let me know.

Have a great day,

V xox


Hey there,

How was everyone's weekend? This warm weather is lovely but not the weird thunder in the evening. The lovely people over at Makeup Revolution sent me some items to review and I'm going to do one a day this week.

This is an eyebrow and eyeshadow palette. I like this idea because I do often use eyeshadows from palettes on my eyebrows. Good thinking Makeup Rev ;)

I am known to be bright and bold on my eyes sometimes so I was excited to use this palette. I also love the idea of going neutral should you want to. In the palette comes a sponge applicator and eyebrow brush.

These are the eyebrow shades. The lighter shade would be too light for me but mixed together they give a natural look to my eyebrows. 

As you can see these shadows are so pigmented. The shadows are smooth but have a strange texture. I thought this would be a problem on the lid but not at all.

Overall, I love this palette. It's so versatile and travel friendly. It's not bulky or too big to stor…