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NYX Face Off: Soft Matte Lip Cream vs Butter Gloss

Want to know what I think is better from popular brand NYX?

I am a huge fan of NYX. I love that whilst they have some dupes for higher end products they have a tonne of their own original products.

The Soft Matte Lip Creams are an almost moussey feeling lip cream. I mean they don't call it a cream for nothing. I would highly recommend using a lip balm previous to applying this product. It dries matte so if there are any dry patches, it will sink into them. Whilst on the lips I would let it dry and apply as many coats as you like. I would typically use two. Whilst the colour is a vibrant hot pink (Addis Ababa) it can be sheered out to your preference. I find that these stay on the lips for up to four hours.

Now, I have heard a lot about the hyped Butter Glosses. When NYX was released in Ireland earlier this year I decided to try one. I gave into the hype (oh no!). There was quite a selection but opted for Peaches and Cream, a gorgeous pinky coral. I hadn't and still haven't…

Maybelline Rose Poudre Nail Varnish

Well hello there,

I have been so bad at blogging recently. I went home to Ireland for a few days and just got back yesterday. Knackered would not describe me right now.

I got this beautiful polish about a month ago and never thought to blog about it. There are no reasons why I didn't.

The colour is very girly and soft. It's a beige nude with a hint of pink. It definitely needs some layering as it is quite streaky but once you get to your desired look, it's stunning. So pretty. What I loved was how long it stayed on my nails.

I work in a photo store where I am near chemicals, water and a lot of general work with my hands. This stayed put for 6 days without major chipping. I really want to try more from this range from Maybelline. I like the Color Show polishes too.

I got mine on offer in Morrisons but they retail for £4.99 in Boots.

Have you tried these polishes?

Barry M Offer!! Free Mascara!!

So, Barry M encouraged me to buy some products. I did not put them in my hand and run to the cash register haha. They had an offer where if you spent £7 you got a free Showgirl mascara, bargain!!

I have a tonne of nail polish in my collection but Essie and Barry M are the only ones I really buy. I have a couple of the Barry M matte and gelly nail polishes so I knew the quality would be great. I chose two random colours just because I could.

Waikiki reminds me of an Essie colour called The More The Merrier. A gorgeous pastel lime green. I really don't think I've seen a colour quite like Mustard before. It is a very brown yellow and I love it. I'll put a picture on my instagram (victoriaearls) of these colours.

The mascara intrigued me hence giving into the offer. I have heard many reports on it. I have only used it for a few days but so far I love it. I am also very fussy with these lashes of mine.

This wand is what dreams are made of. It is very similiar to Benefit's …


The Wrestling TAG!
Name your Top 3 favourite heel characters of all time.

CM Punk - Whilst not always a heel, when he was he was good.
Rowdy Roddy Piper - Loud mouth, arrogant but a great worker. One of the best wrestlers ever and in the 80's specifically.
Bully Ray - Yes his TNA heel stuff was great TV.

If you could create your own Women’s division, who would be your top 5 picks?

Gail Kim, Paige, Charlotte Flair, Taryn Terrell, and Velvet Sky. I think my one WWE main roster Diva shows how poor it is.

You have to name, create (give it a theme) and choose various matches for a PPV. Go wild and be creative.

I'll make four matches. First Blood Match, Hardcore Hell In A Cell, Iron Man Match and you can't beat a good old TLC match. I would name my PPV 'Survive or Die?' and yes it is a tad dramatic haha.

Make your own announce team. 

JR, Paul Heyman and Gorilla Monsoon. Honourable mention to Jim Cornette.

What old school match do you wish you seen live in person?

First Blood :D

Natural Collection | First Impressions

Want to know what I think of these Natural Collection goodies?

I picked these two goodies up about a month ago in Boots. They had a great offer on this brand. I think it was 2 for £3.50. I mean come on what a steal!!!

So, I have tried this brand before, I bought a tinted moisturiser and foundation way back in the day. I am a foundation hoarder and like to try lots of them. From what I remember I didn't hate them, I must give them a go again.

I have heard many things about their blushers, eye-shadows and this particular mascara. I have been testing them out so here are my thoughts. I think it was Kirstie from A Yellow Brick Blog that mentioned the mascara before. She mentioned it as a layering mascara.

I absolutely 100% recommend this mascara. It doesn't flake, slump your lashes down or fade away. It does give definition and serves the layering suggestion very well. I use this mainly with my CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara as that mascara is very dry. I shockingly didn't see m…

Top 3 Winter Blushers

Want to know my top 3 Winter blushers? Keep reading.

In the Summer I tend to do the opposite of most people and wear pink blushes or pink/coral blushers and in the Winter I stick to coral/peach/brown tones. There's logic there somewhere. Haha. 

For me these three blushers suit every skin tone and type. Let me go into some details for you but first some swatches. 

Left to Right: Model Co, Illamasqua and Sleek
As you can see the Model Co blush in Amaretto Sunset is an almost burnt orange colour. There is a slight shimmer to it but on the cheeks it is very hidden. I like applying this with a larger blush brush or just large brush to build up the colour and not just whack it on and be, well, orange. This looks gorgeous alongside Benefit's Hoola and the lasting power is very impressive especially on my dry/oily skin. I get nearly all day out of it. £14.
In the middle we have the gorgeous Illamasqua blush in Lover. This was £18. I bought this in Cardiff when I went to visit my sister and…

Doing Emer's Make-up!

Want to see how I did make-up on my sister?

Doing make-up on someone that isn't yourself is hard work. I asked my sister if I could do her makeup for my blog and she actually said yes.

Emer with no make-up on.

So, my sister has been on a weight loss journey since Nov last year and has recently rediscovered features on her face AKA cheek bones! In the picture above all she has on is eye-liner. Emer is not a foundation fan at all. #Awks!

On Emer's face I used ELF's foundation. I buffed it in with a flat top Kabuki. I used Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer under her eyes and on some areas the foundation didn't get to. Emer has neutral undertones so using the concealer on her nostril area and chin balanced everything out. I set her t-zone with Rimmel 'Stay Matte' in Translucent.

As you can see it's a heavy blue/grey smokey eye and in certain lights the centre of the lid popped purple. I used my fave bareMinerals quad in 'The Wild Thing' and the colour '…

Australis Creme Colour

So before this Summer I was not a huge cream product person. Just no thank you. Now I am obsessed.

I done a swap with my friend Kate recently, click here to see goodies. Kate gifted me this gorgeous cream blush/cheek product from the well known Australis brand. It looks so intimidating on first glance but oh no it is gorgeous.

The texture is very firm and almost sticky but once it's applied to the cheeks, my word, it is gorgeous. This blends like a dream and gives the perfect flush look without looking like you've had a hot flush. Not that I know what that's like either, I am only young.

The lasting power is quite impressive and it stayed on 4/5 hours even in the strong heat in Spain. When I tested it here in the UK I got most of my day out of it. I love this product and I wish I could get some more here. The shade I have is 'Dusky Rose'.

Can you recommend any cream cheek products? Let me know :D


Australis Neon Crush Eyeshadow

Hey beauties, 
Today I have a gorgeous eye-shadow duo to show off. I got this from the wonderful Kate in our International Swap. 

As you can see it is super pigmented. I honestly am obsessed with this duo. When you look at it in the pan it's not the most special duo especially with LOLZ embossed into it. The colour swatches on my hand are one swipe, ONE! Amazeballs. They aren't too metallic either it's more duo chrome if anything. Against my brown eyes the colours just pop.

I wonder if I can get more online somewhere because obsessed wouldn't be the word. Look out for a video with these soon. Check out Kate's blog here.

Have a wonderful day.


PS I am sick with a vomiting bug at the moment so these posts are scheduled.. xx