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Well hello thereeeeeeeeeee,

Today I want to tell you all about a special project I am taking part in for the festive season.

The ever so lovely Nicole invited me to take part. Check out her blog Nicole :)

There are quite a few of us blogging everyday from the 1st December to the 24th December. That is a long time.

I think this is a great way for us bloggers to get to know each other, try plan meetups etc but it's just fun to do. Blogging isn't a chore and shouldn't be.

Please follow the #bigblogmasproject hashtag from the 1st to read some AMAZING posts and get to know awesome people :D

Have a great evening. Girls from the project if I haven't followed you on Bloglovin yet, tell me!!

Victoria xox

Liebster Award!!

Hey there,

Well the lovely Lilli nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you so much.

What each nominee has to do:
1. List 11 random facts about themselves.2. Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated them.3. Choose 11 more nominees (who must have 200 followers or less) and ask them 11 questions

My random facts!!  I can write with my right and left handI think I have an addiction to bright lipsticksI only drink out of travel mugsI have had 3 different jobs this yearI once fell over the bar of my scooter and cried over my toast, not my cutsDespite living in the UK, I am Irish to the core and obsessed with itI don't have a favourite colourMy favourite number is 4I hate copy catsI once accidentally saw TaTu live, I don't know whyI dislike Bloggers who constantly write about sent products or those posts with a *Lilli's Questions;

1. Do you have a pet? Why/not. I have no pets at the moment. Booo.
2. If you had all the money of the world... what's the first th…

Review: Barry M Lip Paint


Well today/tonight I have a review for you all. This is one for my lipstick lovers.

I love trying new colours and brands and especially when I forgot a specific brand did good products other than what they're known for. Of course I am talking about Barry M. When I think about Barry M I think of great nail polishes.

This is one of their matte lipsticks. I did not know this until I applied it at home. It didn't swatch matte but I was a tad tired when I purchased it haha. This is number 52 and retails for £4.49. Can be bought here :)

What shocked me about the lipstick was the colour. It seemed to swatch  a bit darker than what it actually is. I took the above picture to show you. Excuse the picture quality as I am at home in Ireland for my birthday.

It is so so so vibrant. It almost reminds me of a darker version of MAC's Candy Yum Yum. Honestly. I would highly recommend this to anyone that loves a bright, bold lip. I personally don't mind a bright or ordinary lip an…


Hats by victoriaearls featuring a leopard hat Juicy Couture leopard hat

BOY London beanie hat
$48 -

Yea Nice knit beanie

Beanie hat

Fave outfit..

Fave outfit.. by victoriaearls featuring a red beanie hat Blue cocktail dress
$51 -

Forever 21 lined jacket

Fold over combat boots

Monki clutch
$34 -

Red beanie hat
$9.62 -

First Impressions; Dr Organic Products.

Hey yaaaaaaa!

How are we doing? I am sat watching The Wedding Date. Love this film.

I recently went into Holland and Barrett in search of Dr Organic's Manuka Honey Rescue Cream. My friend Lucy recommended it to me as my skin has been angry, dry, oily and just plain annoying for too long. Website details are here.

When I first used it I was sort of put off by the strong smell. I should have guessed it would be that way but wow it is strong. It is a thick consistency but you need a small amount and it covers a large enough area. I would definitely say it's a night time cream. I used it in the day time before my makeup and wow it slipped alot haha. Fail.

Next item is something for my poor hair. I have been searching, again, for something to fix the dryness in my hair. I have been trying to nourish back to happy, healthy hair but sort of failing. I know coconut oil is largely regarded in the blogger/vlogger world so this product should be great. I already use the Herbal Essences …

High End Bags..

High End Bags.. by victoriaearls featuring chanel handbags
Chanel handbag

MICHAEL Michael Kors black satchel

Rebecca Minkoff chain handbag

These bags are most definitely wishes and wants. If I had even just the Rebecca Minkoff bag I would be happy haha.

What bags are on your wish list?

Have a great day,  

Victoria xxox 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Pics!!

Hey m'loves,

Well just the other day a Sephora in France accidentally sold the new Naked 3 palette. This had every beauty person/vlogger/blogger going nuts for pictures and swatches. The absolutely lovely Natacha was one of the first, if not the first to blog about it.

I must admit, I am in love. This will be mine. I love that there are more pinky undertones to the shadows and in general this is a good all year round palette. I must admit when I heard there was another Naked palette I was like uummm?? BUT this has pleased me endlessly.

The release date is still unknown but I think it'll be the first week of December or earlier due to the leak.

Head over to Natacha's blog where she has some more pictures and I am in love with her layout.

Have a wonderful day,

Victoria xox

My lipstick collection: Red edition.

Good afternoon,

Well I had a family member ask me about red lipsticks recently so I thought why not show my red lipsticks. I have a handful to show you all. In some of the pics I have earphones in so just ignore that. I was bopping away to The Wanted's new album haha. I am not obsessed with Jay haha.

So, in my pics I opted for a dark purple eye look. I think this look is more suited for night time or clubbing. I wanted to picture the red lips with a darker eye to show it's not too much. Sorry for the selfie type pics haha.

What I like about this Revlon lipstick is the cool tone red and how gorgeous it is to apply. It is one of their pearl finishes and is extremely long lasting. I think in 5/6 hours I would check it once and either buff it out or reapply. Gorgeous colour.

I have three of these lip lacquers and they're all gorgeous in their own right. When Rimmel came out with these I was so happy. A lipstick and gloss in one. These do stain the lips so when it starts to dry…


I really love these thick jumpers in the Winter season. They're fun and different, like me hehe. 

Victoria xox Sweatshirts hoody

BOY London black sweatshirt

Tie dying shirt

Halloween sweater

ONLY grey shirt

Shirt top

REVIEW: MUA Matte Lipsticks

Hey m'loves,

Well, I accidentally deleted my fortnightly Monday video so a blog post it is. #MakeupMayhemOnAMonday will go on hehe.

Well today I have a review of the new matte lippies from MUA. As you all know this brand is sold in Superdrug.

The two shades I bought are Wild Berry and Peachy Keen.

I actually thought these lipsticks would be decent. I have shade 3 from the normal line in my collection and it's good. It is a nice watermelon colour.

I have several matte lipsticks in my collection so know how they feel when you swatch or apply it. I couldn't swatch them in store as there were no testers. As these are £1 each I popped them into my basket.

As you can see in my picture there is very little pigmentation. They are tough to apply as well, almost stiff. On my lips there is very little colour. I didn't include lip swatches for that simple reason.

I am absolutely disgusted at the quality of these even at £1. Awful product,

Pfft!!!! I will honestly never buy a thin…

Nail Art...

Hey m'loves,

How are you all? Today's post is my FIRST EVER nail post. I have always gotten compliments when it comes to my nails. I am quite lucky with slim, long fingers or as my Nan would say 'piano hands' haha.

I haven't done proper nail art in so long it feels weird. I bought a nail art pen from Models Own after seeing Burkatron using it. I love her nail art. I have tonnes of nail art pics on my instagram which is Instagram!! I have always had requests to do blog posts about nails and a girl always comments on my YouTube and begs me to do tutorials haha. HERE YOU GO!!!!

These are the 3 nail polishes I used. I haven't photographed my base coat which is one by Sally Hensen. I use it on the base and on top. It's great.I chose these bright colours as I've been wearing dark pinks and purples for a while and wanted something fun. Each to their own.

After filing and using your base coat, follow these simple steps.

I used 3 coats of Essie's Fiji. It ca…