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My Acne Story | LUSH Grease Lightning

Hello loves, 
Well I have a different kind of post today. It is about my acne and a product I tested to try help it out. 

I mentioned this in my Top 5 LUSH products post just this week. It is one of a kind. I am about to share some rather honest pictures so look away if you're easily offended. 

My skin is oily in the t-zone area and can be dry elsewhere. It is also quite sensitive and I have redness on my jawline that can sometimes be quite visible. I use to have acne prone skin when I was a teenager and into my early 20's. 
I will link to the LUSH website where you can see ingredients etc at the end. 
I had noticed several blackheads on my face and really didn't want them to sit there and become worse so I decided to try this product. It straight away smells like Witch Hazel and Tea Tree which I like, it's an almost clean smell. It feels like a gel and as it dries you can feel it tighten over the designated area. This disappears when you apply moisturiser. 
When I fi…

LUSH Top 5 | Hair & Skin Care

So, who likes LUSH?

I have a tonne of products from LUSH that I love. The bath and shower products are amazing but since working there I have gotten to know much more about the products. 
Sea Spray is a very unique product. It's a hair mist with the most gorgeous scent. The top three ingredients are Sea Salt, Grapefruit Oil and Neroli. It has a slight tackiness when you spray it out so I spray it into my hand first and then place it in my hair. I use this on towel dry hair and style it that way. It retails for £9.95 but a little goes a long way. 

Grease Lightning is a very cool product. I had noticed a few blemishes on this little face of mine and invested in this bad boy. Witch Hazel, Lavender and Aloe Very Gel are three of the ingredients in this. You can really tell this works and leaves the skin very hydrated, soft and the blemishes disappear. This retails for £6.40.

Dream Cream is such a popular product in LUSH. It sold out so many times when I worked there. I have to say af…

Top 14 of 2014 |

Welcome to my top 14 of the past year, 2014!! Woo hoo. 

So, let's get started. I will give mini reviews along the way. 

KIKO are a brand I discovered this year and their water shadows are AMAZING. I have two and will definitely be investing in more ASAP. They are beautiful wet or dry but trust me when I say the colour pops when wet and they last a long time.  The original Urban Decay Naked palette has been used so much by me this year but looks nearly new. I seriously loved a golden, warm brown eye in the Summer. I also obsessed over the Urban Decay Naked Basics, the original. It is so simple yet extremely useful for eyes and brows. Venus can also be used as a face highlighter. Amazing eye products. 

NUXE Reve De Miel is one heck of a lip balm. Such a good lip balm for when you want those suckers to be moisturised, plump and soft for hours. Whilst it is nearly £10, it is worth it. LOVE!!  YSL Fusion Ink is brilliant. I have the shade B20. I have fair skin with neutral undertones.…

Hothair Uplift Hair Piece*

Who doesn't love some extra volume and lift to their hair?

Michelle from Thou Shall Not Covet had a tweet looking for folks to review some pieces for Hot Hair. I jumped at the chance to be considered. 
I chose a long piece as my hair is growing nicely after having a much needed chop and I thought medium was too short. I had every intention of colouring my hair dark but with work and being busy in general it has yet to happen. 

What Hothair say 'The Uplift : Long is a clever piece that clips onto your crown to give you extra volume for a dramatic effect. Its secret? Hidden wires that you push up to create extra lift for 60's vava voom or a fabulous extra voluminous look.
Just clip in the pieces in the front and the back of the hair piece to secure and voila, an easy instant volume effect without the need of teasing your hair! Perfect for doing updo's and beehives!'

As you can see the hair is very long, shiny and almost black. Just gorgeous. You can see it has three cl…

Blog Week #1

Have you seen my posts this week?

Those pictures are in no particular order :D 
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Link me to your blog. I need some new reads. 


So, when Real Techniques brought out Nics Picks, how many of you bought them? *hand up*

These are the hardest brushes to photograph because of the silver packaging. So what are my thoughts?

The duo fibre brush is one I thought I wouldn't use but I do daily. It's great to use at the end of your makeup to ensure everything is blended in nicely. A great quality brush. 

This cheek brush is fantastic. I find it to be better than the original pink handled blush brush. It's smaller in size and people may alternatively use this for powder or highlight but it sits on the cheek perfectly. I find it doesn't pick up too much product either even though it is packed full of synthetic hair. This is my second favourite brush. 

Here we have the angled shadow brush and the base shadow brush. The base shadow brush is my all time favourite RT brush. It is the perfect brush for everything on the eye lid. It's dense, yet fluffy. Works so well with shadows and blends like a dream. The a…


Hey all,
So, I have a different sort of post today and it's based around one little furry friend named Millie. 

The picture above is from the 30th Nov when I first got her. I adopted her through the RSPCA here in Gloucester. I went to see her at the beginning of November in Cheltenham. I was put in contact with a lovely woman named Heather who had about 14 cats in her huge farm. I was made to feel very welcome when I met her and I definitely felt hugely overwhelmed at the amount of cats. 
I knew I wanted a kitten but I definitely wanted a female. I do believe Millie was the only female out there, I could be wrong. Heather opened her cage doors and out came two kittens. One was small and the other tall and lean. Millie was formerly named Yasmine by the sanctuary and she was the tall kitten. I got told Millie and her three brothers were abandoned at the side of a road in a box. I mean why are people so evil!? 
I picked Millie (Yasmine) up and she gave me chin hugs, purred and seeme…


Just look at the cute packaging for this palette. *swoon*
I received this for Christmas after lusting after it for so long. It has cardboard packaging which I don't love but anyway. It retails for £35. 

Just look at those colours. So 90's, so different. Let me talk you through the shades. 
Venus is a plum shade with some red to it. It's a matte shade. Shell is a pink apricot shade very similiar to KIKO Water Shadow in 219, it's a very buttery satin type of shadow. Aura is the same texture and is a off white but slightly golden highlight shade. Creation is a stunning brown shade with some definite red to it and is matte. 
Icon is a deep dark almost dirty brown and I love it. It is a beauty of a matte shade. Rebirth is a standout shade in that it is so unique. It's not orange or peach but kind of in between, also a matte. Divine is what looks like a transition shade but I assure you it is stunning alone too. It's a taupe light brown and very matte. Muse is a mat…