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Scary Blushers | Winter Editon

Do you have blushers in your collection you're too afraid to wear? Here are mine.

You can see how crazy these shades are right?!

First up is this beautiful shade from Catrice 'I'm A Survivor'. It is a very bright red but when sheered out is quite pink. I have used this as a crease colour before but the thing with this blush is how difficult it is to stay on the cheeks. I do need a base for this to last on my cheeks for a working day at least. 

For some reason this has shown up a tad brighter than what it is. This blush by Model Co is a burnt orange with a pink sheen to it. Think of it as a darker version of NARS Orgasm. I have worn this quite a lot because I love it BUT it is harder to wear in the Winter months as I get a little paler, less fair skinned. Again, a light hand is needed with this blush. 

NARS Amour and Desire duo is so pretty YET so crazily bright and pigmented. Amour is a dark tan or burnt orange shade that screams wear me yet it is terrifying. Desire is…

NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

So I splurged but it was my birthday so who cares right?!

I missed out on the Guy Bourdin palette last year and really wanted it. I have two NARS blushes already, Amour and Desire. Gorgeous shades. 

The casing itself is gorgeous. Not too bulky either. I thought it would be more of a 3D effect on the actual hard casing itself but it's not, which isn't a bad thing either. There's a rather generous mirror too which is great if you're travelling. 

So, what do you get in this beautiful palette? A generous size of Laguna bronzer, which I have never ever tried. On the top left corner you get Miss Liberty which is a highlighting blush, I love the warm white look of this blush. Next to that we have Deep Throat which is a hugely popular blush, a stunning deep peach/pink shade. Cannot wait to try this one. 
Bottom left we have a limited edition blush in Sex Fantasy which is a light, cool toned pink/lilac shade. I don't know how this will fair on my skin tone but I can mix and…

Cotswolds Beauty.

Somewhere that has always intrigued me is Painswick, Gloucestershire. I have passed it so often and never really stopped to walk around. There is very little to the village but the views and timeless streets are something to be in awe of. 
Painswick apparently is known as the Queen of the Cotswolds because of the grey limestone buildings. The beautiful church has 99 Yew trees on the grounds. As tales would have it, every time a hundredth tree is planted it dies. 
All info here.
I would highly recommend giving this quaint village a visit. It has plenty of gorgeous sights to see, tea rooms to eat and drink in and those Yew trees are stunning.

Leather Effect Color Tattoo - Maybelline

Want to know my thoughts on this new Color Tattoo??

Funny enough I bought this in Morrisons. I do love the original Color Tattoos and I mean a lot. They are great as bases or alone as a sweep of something on the lid. They also don't feel cheap especially considering they are £4.99. 
I bought this shade as I have a tonne of grey shadows that need a bit of a boost to be less than plain, if you catch my drift? This goes on the lid very smoothly and doesn't feel heavy. 

It is easy to build this up on the lid and I usually go for seconds when applying, let it sit for a moment and then press my chosen eye shadow on top. I press it so it sticks better to the lid. 
I have shunned my Benefit Stay Don't Stray for this. I have been consistently using this and MAC Pro Longwear concealer as eye primers and they work so well. Even with the Color Tattoo alone, my shadow doesn't crease or fade. Loving it. 
I'm not sure if Boots have the Leather Effects Tattoos but I did see them …


First part of my Girls Christmas Gift Guide series.. 

Whilst LUSH do great gift sets year round, at Christmas they excel. This set is a floral lovers dream. The packaging is so gorgeously girly. I really love the wrapping paper so much I'm going to keep it for blog pictures for a while. It is wrapped up in this small box with foam to help prevent breakages. 

Rose Jam is one of the most floral scents from LUSH but leaves the skin so soft, it's quite amazing. I have used this scent before but with the Avobath Bath Bomb and words cannot tell you how my skin felt, it was amazing. The sweet floral scent with the shea butter goes so well. 
Sakura is a Bath Bomb I have been eyeing for some time so I am glad to try it. You would think floral overload with this product but I find the orange/lemon oils bring it to be a very unusual scent. Unusual yet pleasing and relaxing.

This set is perfect for Christmas. It is £9.25 and you can view it here. Perfect for a stocking filler or a newbie …

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleanser

Want to know about one of my all time favourite cleansers?

Although I have oily/dry skin, in the Winter my skin is more dry and dehydrated than anything. I like to think of my skin as a mixed bag or usually I have a game of guess the skin type with the different seasons, haha. 
I bought this normal to dry for the obvious season we have now, Winter. Already I have had problematic dry skin on my nose, forehead and bizarrely my neck. I had to get something a little more expensive for it. 
What Mary Kay '​Leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated and nourished. Formulated with personalised botanicals for your skin type and contains an antioxidant-rich botanical complex. Gently cleanses without stripping essential elements.Helps restore skin’s natural balance and leaves it looking refreshed.Dry skin finds its harmony with flaxseed and sea kelp extracts, which are known sources of fatty acids important for moisturisation.Formulated without alcohol, synthetic dyes or added fragrance.Effective …

Disappointing Maybelline Product!!

I'm not a fan of writing negative posts but here goes nothing.

I have seen these Elixir's all over the internet. American YouTubers have been raving about them for months. Now they're here in the UK, I was delighted to try at least one. 
The colour I chose Raspberry Rhapsody is so so gorgeous, on the outside. 

I wear a tonne of different lipsticks and lip liners so I thought this would perk them up in the Winter time without having too many products on my lips, oh what a good thought. This did not happen. 
I paired this over MAC Rebel and when I looked in the mirror, the lipstick had faded completely. The gloss ate the lipstick. The colour had sheered out to almost nothing. I mean what the heck?!?

As you can see on the swatch it is nothing like the tube suggests. On its own it is an ok gloss, I guess. I definitely expected more considering the huge hype. Then I should never have bought into the hype, I never normally do. 
Rimmel have better gloss options as do Revlon. 

Maybelline Electro Baby Lips

Another lip balm? Yep, addicted isn't the word.

So, there I was mooching about Boots and saw this little thing. They've been out of stock for a while in the Boots, Gloucester. Always the way. 
Do I need a lip balm? No. It seems to be something I love buying though. That and other lip stuff. 

My fave from the original Baby Lips line was Cherry Me. I loved the scent and tint of red. It was also the most hydrating in my opinion. This one, Strike A Rose, is very similiar. It gives a hint of pink but hydrates my lips nicely for at least 2 hours. 
I definitely think I'll buy more to compare. Such an addict haha. 
Have you tried these? Xox 

Naked Basics 2

Hello my name is Vicky and I am a eyeshadow palette lover. 
Do you ever just want something and decide ok, got it?! That is me with Urban Decay and the Naked eye palettes. I have them all. Not bragging. 
This baby is a cool toned, almost matte palette (one satin) and is going to be my new BFF. I actually thought it was smaller than the original Basics but alas it was a trick of the mind. The packaging feels different though. 
Cool toned shadows are a huge deal in my life, I love grey. Black eyeshadows look weird on my skin colouring and against my brown eyes. Grey wins. 

See they are the same size. This thing called my imagination went wild with my thoughts.

Excuse the bad swatch pictures. I do have a video going into more details, linked below. 
Overall, this palette is amazing. My Basics original is a key palette for intense looks. I lay down my whole lid with a matte skin colour to help other shadows blend better and it works. I cannot wait to get using this bad boy. Amazing. 

Do …