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Hey loves,
Well everyone has been talking about the Cinderella movie coming out soon and the MAC Cindderella collection that has pretty much sold out I believe. I stopped by my local chemist and saw that Essence had their own Disney Cinderella collection. 

I had heard nothing about this, nothing. I heard about the NUDE collection but not this one. There is a palette that I might go back and get before I return to the UK but I'm not sure. There were two on display but they were opened and no way would I buy opened makeup.

The highlight powder is so pretty. The rose embossed on the product is quite deep and so so pretty. As you can see it is a pink/lilac tone (depending on skin tone). It's not sheer but it's not too much on the face. It's a little powdery but nothing to go crazy over. I applied it and loved that I could build it up should I want to. I think this is my new favourite highlight, sorry Physicians Formula. 

Look at the packaging for this blush. Just too darn…


Hey guys,

I was going through my draft posts the other day looking for the post I did about this quad. I couldn't find it anywhere so here I am. I had a whole different type of post planned for today but that can wait until Sat.

I bought this freedom system palette last Oct. I mean why have I not blogged about it sooner? I'll get to that in a moment. I have wanted to try something from Inglot for what seems like the longest time. They have various pop up shops in shopping centres here in Ireland. The nearest one to me is Dundrum but I bought this in their store just off Grafton St., Dublin.

I am a huge fan of matte eyeshadows. When I was younger (I'm 31, not too old :P) I loved shimmer and metallic but that's kind of changed. I still love shimmer and metallics but I don't always wear them.

Let me tell you the numbers of these shades and then tell you how they perform etc.

Taupe Brown Shade is number 363Grey Shade is number 376Forest Green Shade is number 331Lilac P…

GRWM Spring Look & First Impressions

Hey guys, 
Well, today I have a Get Ready With Me and First Impressions video to share. I recently picked up the new L'oreal Infallible Matte foundation. I got the shade Vanilla and it seems ok on my skin. It's the second lightest shade. I bought this for €11.99 so about £9.99 in the UK. 

Have a wonderful day/evening and don't forget to smile :D 
V xxxx


Hey guys, 
I created a PLL tag so please hop on and do it too. Tag me on twitter when you have done it and don't forget to credit me for the questions. I love the show too more than an obsession point haha. I asked the gorgeous Kate from SugarFixx Beauty to do this tag as I know she's obsessed with everything PLL too.  Enjoy. 

So, this is the fifth season finale. Marlene the head writer has said there is a huge A reveal. There will be no hoody and no mask. We will definitely know who it is.

Saying that, do you think this is the big A or one of the higher A's?
One of the higher A's - we deserve it!

Who do you think it is or who do you want it to be?
I think it's Aria, I've been convinced for a long time.

So many fans on Twitter think Aria is A, di you suspect any of the liars? If so, why?
100% suspect Aria! Just some of the dialogue with Mona previously where she's alluding to something darker. Nothing overly bad happens to Aria where as the other girls have b…

Say No To Lime Crime?

I decided to write this post after some serious consideration. I know some people will like it, some may not. I think it's important to be ALLOWED voice your opinion and especially on subjects of importance. 
Rose Shocks Open Letter.
For some time I have heard nothing but negative things about Lime Crime. Google it and the list and websites devoted to the problems are endless. I understand that someone as eccentric as Doe wants to have a makeup brand to reflect that character and for years I have been in love with the colours and ideas from their brand. Boy have I been brain washed haha. 
I have three makeup items from Lime Crime. A lipstick, Velvetine and a palette. I will not promote them any further on my blog or YouTube channel and I will not purchase anything else. There are many other brands who deserve the money. 
Customer service is very important and having worked in management and retail I can see why so many people are frustrated. With Lime Crime being mainly internet b…

NYX 'dolly pink' lip liner

My newest obsession over the last few months is lip liner. I have gone mad for them. 
This beauty from NYX is honest so nice. I have made a decision to step into the pink zone for Spring. I want to step out of my comfort zone just a little. NYX are sold in a lot of chemists here in Ireland which is awesome for me. Ha ha. 

This shade Dolly Pink is a bright blue based baby pink. It would definitely be a cross of Snob and St Germain from MAC. So bright and definitely not something I am use to. 
I was quite surprised at the strong wooden scent from these which sounds so odd. It was quite stiff to apply until I sharpened it down as well. The colour takes some building up but when that's done it is very pretty. 
They are matte and definitely need a gloss, lipstick or balm over it. For €4.99 these are wonderful. 

Just look at that colour :D Gorgeous gorgeous. 
Have you tried any of the NYX lip liners? What should I try next? 
Have a great day and do not forget to smile :D
V xxxx