Wet N Wild 'Poster Child' Palette

Hey loves,

Well today I have yet ANOTHER palette from Wet N Wild to talk about. Do you think if I ask, they would sponsor me? Haha.

Now, I have had my eyeballs on this for some time. I literally wanted it more than the Comfort Zone palette. I have also reviewed that here. The reason I bought the Comfort Zone was the sheer hype of the palette.

So, take a moment and look at the gorgeous colours. I mean, HELLO! I love neutrals but I especially love bright colours. Whilst you soak in the prettiness of those colours, here's a picture of the brush you get.

If you don't like brights then this won't be for you BUT if you want to buy a bright palette for a pop of colour in your eye look then this is for you. I have used this several times with various looks. I might do a 2 looks 1 palette with this.

I did mark the highlight shades as they are sheer. You see them in the palette and wonder are they going to be bright but they are sheer and actually quite pleasing on the browbone. Down from that is eyelid, crease and definer shades.

The swatches are without primer and are very pigmented. They are surprisingly long lasting too. I saw no creasing or fading and all I used was NYX Milk eye pencil as a base.

I would highly recommend this palette. Gorgeous shades, pigmented, easy to blend and they just absolutely rock.

Have a wonderful evening,

V xox
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