Homesick Survival Guide #1

Hey loves,

I've wanted to write this for the longest time. I get a lot of questions about how I'm an Irish woman in the UK and do I not miss my family? Um, YES!!

There's no real reason that the homesick feelings happens, it literally can pop out of nowhere. I have a few tips to share.

First off I would invest in Skype and Whatsapp. Tell your loved ones to do the same, no no, DEMAND they get these apps. I use Whatsapp all the time for everyone as my signal with EE can be dodgy.

Write down how you feel and look back on it a few days later and try work on your feelings. I use to feel physically sick when I got homesick and over time I learned to have a good cry and not feel ashamed by it.

Netflix and movies can really take time away. I do this more often than I admit. If I feel like I just want to pack up and go home, I'll turn on Netflix and pop PLL on. It's escaping reality yes but I forget about how shit I feel afterwards.

Treat yourself to something. Be it a chipper dinner, lipstick or a book. Do it.

I just want to mention that we all have our own ways of dealing with that homesick feeling. It's never easy and I don't think it gets easier but you learn to cope, or your version of cope. I am fortunate to have my baby sister Emer live in Cardiff and she is always a huge support on the phone. For that I cannot thank her enough.

I missed Emer and Aaron recently so I made them my lock screen. How cute.

The picture with my Mam was from last summer. So cute. My Dad visited earlier this year and this was taken when we went to see Leinster play Newport.

This is down by the Sea in my town. So beautiful.

Have a great day and cherish your family. xxx

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