Sally Hensen 'Sugar Coat' Textured Nail Polish


So today I have a nail polish post. Yay!

I am in Ireland at the moment and whereas the UK has Poundland, it's sister company here is Dealz, yes with a Z. When I was in Stillorgan I popped in for a nose and saw this there for €1.49. Ummmm, bargain. I have heard mixed reports on these babies so boom what an offer.

There were some other bright colours there but I thought the yellow looked awesome, especially with the Spring on its way, or so we believe. I love this pastel yellow, it makes me happy haha.

The bottle has the texture feel on the front so you have an idea of what you're buying before you buy. How thoughtful. I like the square type bottle and the brush is a normal size, which is totally fine.

I really like this polish. I have a Barry M textured polish and find the dirt of everyday sticks and sinks into the polish. This doesn't happen to this one at all, which to me is good. I put three coats on to make sure it lasted a few days and I wanted the colour to be super vibrant. It dries fast and lasted 4 days without any major chipping.

I wouldn't wear this type of polish every week but I definitely like it every so often and will look out for more colours from Sally Hensen.

Excuse the quality in my pictures, I am in Ireland and I miss my white lights ha.

Victoria xox
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