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WNS Fans View: #YESMovement Mania

Posted By: Vicky E on Mar 11, 2014

It’s very hard not to write about the #YESMovement. We are all part of it, whether we want to be or not.  The reason I am writing this short article is to emphasise how important it is for future references, to look at the bigger picture with certain storylines.
Months and months ago, we all sat through many RAWs and PPVs and thought ‘WHY IS BRYAN BEING BURIED?’ It’s almost like we know him personally, maybe someone reading this does.  Many moons ago I read online that John Cena wanted to step away from a lot of WWE front line commitments and maybe he was considering retirement in a few years but he wanted to be a helping hand in choosing the new face or one of the new main event guys for WWE.
Since then we have seen Daniel Bryan win the title and lose the title many times over. We have seen him, as the internet would say, being buried. One thing is for sure and that is everyone is involved. Every fan has an opinion regardless of who they like and don’t like. We don’t have CM Punk in the main event picture, he isn’t a contender for the Heavyweight belt and I don’t think he was ever going to be. We, as fans, want someone that is an all-rounder but just an average guy at the core of it all. 

That guy is Daniel Bryan.

I personally think WWE saw his potential and especially saw the pull the storyline would have with fans. They knew we were all emotionally involved with Bryan. The more they put his character down, the more we fans get angry and then Bryan becomes the huge underdog.  Lee or Richard from this very website, I can’t remember who said it, mentioned a fair time ago that this underdog story would become a bigger picture for Bryan in the long term.  Now we have him facing COO Triple H in what will be a hugely physical yet entertaining match and should he win, which I bet he will, he is in the title match.

Imagine this at the end of Wrestlemania 30, Bryan the NEW Heavyweight champion. That will be the bigger picture, the end result after so many months of disappointments. Huge win for Bryan, huge win for WWE and the fans are once again happy.

#OccupyRAW was probably the most exciting segment we have had in a long time. It showed the passion of the fans and it definitely showed how far Bryan has come and why is deserves to be main event material. I think in the last few months Bryan has had two very important segments to show how ‘over’ he is. One was in January when he turned from a Wyatt to Bryan again. That reaction from the whole arena and the internet showed how behind this man we all are. Monday night’s segment was perfection from all involved, including the fans.

Should Bryan not win at Wrestlemania 30, what will happen? Personally I think he’ll get bigger and bigger but WWE need to not overdo the #YESMovement and irritate fans. I would hate for the fans to become annoyed and not invest time into Bryan. Keep the momentum going and give the WWE fans what they deserve.
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