Essie 'Power Clutch' & 'Vested Interest'

Hey guys,

So, as some of you know I am quite keen on nail polish. I don't tend to blog about them often as there are so many nail bloggers out there. Recently I bought two nail polishes and it wasn't until I got back to the house that I realised they were very VERY similar.

It was one of those moments where you see two gorgeous colours and grab them both. However alike they are, they're still a little different. Power Clutch has an almost olive undertone to it but the overall shade is a grey/taupe. So pretty. Vested Interest is the more green/taupe shade. Again, very pretty.

Just look how pretty they are. If you can tell them apart, tell me in the comments. I love Essie, they are my all time favourite brand and always last about a week on my nails. Barry M come a close second in the favourite stakes.

Have you any suggestions for my next Essie polish purchases?

Victoria xox
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