Hey loves,

Well everyone has been talking about the Cinderella movie coming out soon and the MAC Cindderella collection that has pretty much sold out I believe. I stopped by my local chemist and saw that Essence had their own Disney Cinderella collection. 

I had heard nothing about this, nothing. I heard about the NUDE collection but not this one. There is a palette that I might go back and get before I return to the UK but I'm not sure. There were two on display but they were opened and no way would I buy opened makeup.

The highlight powder is so pretty. The rose embossed on the product is quite deep and so so pretty. As you can see it is a pink/lilac tone (depending on skin tone). It's not sheer but it's not too much on the face. It's a little powdery but nothing to go crazy over. I applied it and loved that I could build it up should I want to. I think this is my new favourite highlight, sorry Physicians Formula. 

Look at the packaging for this blush. Just too darn cute. It is heavy duty cardboard packaging that isn't ideal but for the price and novelty factor it's ok. I really worried about how vibrant this blush was when I got home but it is quite sheer on the cheeks. I have cool under-toned skin so something like this pink/coral shade can make my skin look sickly. Thankfully, it does not. It looks glowy and pretty. 

I think things are amazing products for under €5 each. Go get them before they sell out. 

Let me know if you buy anything. Have a great evening and do not forget to smile :D 

V xox 

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