Hey guys,

I was going through my draft posts the other day looking for the post I did about this quad. I couldn't find it anywhere so here I am. I had a whole different type of post planned for today but that can wait until Sat.

I bought this freedom system palette last Oct. I mean why have I not blogged about it sooner? I'll get to that in a moment. I have wanted to try something from Inglot for what seems like the longest time. They have various pop up shops in shopping centres here in Ireland. The nearest one to me is Dundrum but I bought this in their store just off Grafton St., Dublin.

I am a huge fan of matte eyeshadows. When I was younger (I'm 31, not too old :P) I loved shimmer and metallic but that's kind of changed. I still love shimmer and metallics but I don't always wear them.

Let me tell you the numbers of these shades and then tell you how they perform etc.

  • Taupe Brown Shade is number 363
  • Grey Shade is number 376
  • Forest Green Shade is number 331
  • Lilac Pink Shade is number 334 

They swatch lovely but these are heavier than normal swatches. The best shade pigmentation wise for me is the green. I have slightly oily lids but nothing too crazy. I typically use MAC Pro Longwear Concealer as a primer for my eyes or use my KIKO Eye Base with a matte Urban Decay shadow on top of that to set it and I always wait 5 minutes to do my eyes after so I know things are set and ready to go. 

Unfortunately these shadows crease on me, fade away and take forever to build up. I am literally in disbelief over them. The pans are €6 each and the Freedom System palette was €8. That's €32 which is a great price. I even asked an Inglot MUA about the issues, was it normal or was I doing something wrong and there was no right answer really. It is a mystery.  

I used the purple shade this week in a video and I had to use 3, yes THREE, bases to ensure it stayed put for at least 8 hours. It did but there was noticeable fading. WHY OH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

I've thought about selling this quad or just giving it to my friend Sarah. Check out her blog here.

Have you guys had this issue with these shadows? It hasn't put me off the brand but it is disappointing considering everything else works on my eyes no problem, even Urban Decay stays on for 12 hours without a primer. DANG IT!

Let me know. Have a great day and do not forget to smile :D 

V xx
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