Good Afternoon,

I've never really known how to write a post like this. I am one for being honest, if you read my 'Getting Personal' or 'Guru Gossip' post then you will know I don't tend to hold back, much!!

Homesickness is something that frightens me. It pushes me backwards at times and can cripple my emotions. I hate being homesick. I am Irish and only live across the water in the UK but to me at times, it feels like the far side of the world. I hate it. So negative aren't I?

Now at 30 years of age you would think I would be more adult and mature about how  I handle my feelings, but nope. I think as time goes on I don't think I am as bad as I was before but I certainly don't have a good handling on homesickness itself.

Why am I posting about this I hear you ask? Well firstly why not? Secondly I can and want to but more importantly I think it can help people.

I know a handful of humans that live away from Ireland or America etc and suffer with the HS bug. HS is now short for homesickness. What a long word eh?

I have a few tips to share, I cannot guarantee they will work all the time but they can help. You see sometimes HS can be solved quickly but other times it can be rather annoying and stay a whole day or two (or a week).

  • Positive thinking helps me a lot. James is great at distracting my mind. 
  • Going out shopping or on a tourist day out. I always find this helps and I always take pictures and send them onto my family or put them on Facebook for all to see.
  • I do think as much as you don't want to cry, it can help. Getting the tears out of your system is better than pushing them in and making it worse. Get it out and move on (oh yes so easy right?)
  • Talking about it is the best way. Share good and bad times out loud and explain why you feel HS. You may feel like you're repeating yourself but if the person listening doesn't mind and wants to help? Then do it and share the memories, a thousand times over.
I have enjoyed writing this post. It was therapeutic for me. I return to England within the next week so I will need to read this post myself then, I know it.

V xox

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