L'oreal miss manga mascara

Have you ever tried something and completely hated it? Then re-tested it out and fell in love?

I bought the L'oreal Miss Manga mascara, in black, at Bristol Airport and kind of didn't know to much about it other than it was hit and miss. Funnily enough a tonne of American YouTube folk I watch LOVED it, otherwise it was 50/50 reviews. 

When it comes to my lashes I just don't want too much of a clump effect. If there is some then I can deal with it but I don't want that spider effect. If I can have lots of volume great, if they are long then woohoo. I am not too fussy.

I think the packaging is a tad bulky but it't not too annoying. It isn't too heavy and doesn't feel cheap. This is L'oreal's first flexible, 360 type of mascara wand. I do believe there were three colours; black, turquoise and violet. I wish I had the violet one too. Maybe when I'm back in the UK. 

As a blogger that reviews products constantly, I have to be honest with this one. I hated the wand for the first 2/3 times I used it. HATED IT. It poked me in the eye once. the fact that it moved just made me so irritated haha. Then one morning I curled my lashes, as I do, and used it with no expectations and loved the results. It made my lashes long but not too long but the volume was really impressive. It held a curl very well and didn't clump or smudge onto my face. There were also no flakes throughout the day. 

I have to say this trumps all over my fave Barry M Showgirl mascara. Another thing is how black it is, just awesome. You have to give it a shot everyone. Wow I hate being wrong about anything but to hate this at first makes me embarrassed haha. 

Have you tried this yet? Are there any other L'oreal mascaras I should try? Let me know. 

Have a good weekend and don't forget to smile :D 

V xxx
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