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So last week, I think, I asked Norvina if she would answer some questions for my lovely little blog. It was a cheeky ask but she said yes and gave me an e-mail address almost instantly. Love that. 

So, if you're reading this and thinking 'who is this lady?' or even worse 'what does she do?' then please take a seat and get with the programme. Norvina is the creator of all things contour, lips, eyes and concealing. If you follow her on Instagram then you will notice her constantly testing out products. 

So here are the questions.. (I am still slightly fan girling)

Everyone has been falling head over heels for your company. From the eyebrows to the contour kits and now liquid lipsticks. 

I know you have some brushes and concealers for sale, will there be expansions with those or even into the foundation world at some point?

Yes that's the ultimate goal is to expand to the entire face. We have to pace ourselves for a multitude of reasons, and hopefully keep our customers excited with new offerings every quarter or as often as every 60 days. 
When you see drugstore or indie brands imitating a product you have made so iconic in the make-up world, how do you feel?

At first it feels a bit strange, but at the same time its elevating as it shows our contribution to the industry on a small level. Expansion is always good and its fantastic to see our platform growing. 

Norvina with her wonderful mother, Anastasia.

So many international beauty addicts (like me, I'm in Ireland) have a hard time getting a hold of your products, over time will there be an easier way of getting them? Is the brand going to be sold on more sites like Feel Unique, Cult Beauty etc? 

ABH is a visible brand due to social media, so its easy to forget that we are a small brand. Expansion, particularly to Europe isn't easy as it requires local offices, a sales force and the support of local retail chains. We are expanding more and more with websites like the ones you mentioned, which are a blessing in countries that are impossible for us to penetrate . You will see a lot more ABH come fall. 

Tell me your top 3 YouTubers and why? 

Jaclyn Hill - She's my twin, she's amazing with make-up, she's such a sweetheart. YouTube Channel here.
Nikki Tutorials - beautiful make-up girl and such a riot. YouTube Channel here
Desi Makeup - love her style and skills. YouTube channel here.

You work with Mario Dedivanovic (Mario's Twitter Link) who is worldly known with the Kardashians, is he sassy?

Mario is like the brother I never had. He is so similar to my moms personality. He's an artist, but has that European upbringing which makes him more conservative, a bit reserved but overall he's absolutely amazing. I was able to see his work for our summer campaign creating looks that are a bit more colorful than his bronzed goddess signature and his range and ability is impeccable  

As a blogger looking to work with large companies, how does someone like me get your attention? It is such a tough job for someone who is a smaller blogger. 

Honestly the marketing team is so good about trolling hash tags. It comes down to the photo quality to be honest. here are so many amazing artists, but there are also 1.4 million pics under our hash tag. Make sure your pic is crisp, bright and can capture attention in a line up  

One more ques, if I were in your position and someone or a group of people did not like my products etc and bashed them online, I would be so pissed. How would you deal with that and do you?

I think its part of the business. You cant expect for everyone to love the product, understand it, or have it work for them. There are so many factors as to why something works for one person versus another and if you try to defend the product, you're arguing with people about personal preference or taste. That's ludicrous. 

Guys, go subscribe to this beauty, you will not regret it. Honestly. 

Have a wonderful evening and don't forget to smile :D 

V xxx 


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