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Hello loves, 

Well I have a different kind of post today. It is about my acne and a product I tested to try help it out. 

I mentioned this in my Top 5 LUSH products post just this week. It is one of a kind. I am about to share some rather honest pictures so look away if you're easily offended. 

My skin is oily in the t-zone area and can be dry elsewhere. It is also quite sensitive and I have redness on my jawline that can sometimes be quite visible. I use to have acne prone skin when I was a teenager and into my early 20's. 

I will link to the LUSH website where you can see ingredients etc at the end. 

I had noticed several blackheads on my face and really didn't want them to sit there and become worse so I decided to try this product. It straight away smells like Witch Hazel and Tea Tree which I like, it's an almost clean smell. It feels like a gel and as it dries you can feel it tighten over the designated area. This disappears when you apply moisturiser. 

When I first used it I definitely saw more red angry pimples coming through and I thought what have I done? I moisturised and only put on a light layer of foundation etc. The next day the red angry spots seemed almost hidden in my skin but that night (I didn't get a picture) they were out in force and they were sore. I really hated my decision to use this on the third day which was awful. On the third day I noticed instantly just how bad my skin was. The texture seemed more evened out funnily enough but the spots, oh gosh. I remember sending my sister a picture and she was even amazed at how quick my skin got bad. 

The picture above are days 4,5 and 6. Day 4 the redness was just as bad as day 3. You use this as often as you wish but I used it in the morning and at night. A little goes a long way and you don't need to overcoat a blemish area. My skin does seem refreshed after using this and a little brighter. As for any scarring after the spots have gone? I have found there to be nothing too harsh which is a relief. 

This product is a good one and I would highly recommend it especially if you have blemish prone skin. It takes a few days but persevere with it. You have to really keep up with your normal skin care routine and drink water. Water helps everything. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it helped someone. Xox

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