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Hey m'loves,

How are you all? Today's post is my FIRST EVER nail post. I have always gotten compliments when it comes to my nails. I am quite lucky with slim, long fingers or as my Nan would say 'piano hands' haha.

I haven't done proper nail art in so long it feels weird. I bought a nail art pen from Models Own after seeing Burkatron using it. I love her nail art. I have tonnes of nail art pics on my instagram which is Instagram!! I have always had requests to do blog posts about nails and a girl always comments on my YouTube and begs me to do tutorials haha. HERE YOU GO!!!!

These are the 3 nail polishes I used. I haven't photographed my base coat which is one by Sally Hensen. I use it on the base and on top. It's great.I chose these bright colours as I've been wearing dark pinks and purples for a while and wanted something fun. Each to their own.

After filing and using your base coat, follow these simple steps.

I used 3 coats of Essie's Fiji. It can be a little streaky so I find 3 coats covers it well. My application is messy but ignore that haha. I find with Essie polishes that they need a minute or so in between coats so you don't get a smudge effect.

Now, pick your next colour. Mine is Barry M's Block Orange. I have had this quite a while so it might not be available still but there will be some other alternative. I love this colour. I didn't want massive amounts of dots on my nails. You will need to only do this once, this is a very opaque polish.

Give that a few minutes to dry. I would recommend 4/5 minutes.

I have to say this is the best nail art pen I have ever used. Models Own have hit the 'nail' on the head with this product. Some people love to add black dots where there's space but I didn't do that this time. I put small lines around the orange. I used the pen nib and not the brush which you need to unscrew the bottle for.

When you have done the outline to your desire you should have this look. I love this so much. It looks cute and fun. I put my Sally Henson top coat on over it to ensure I get a few days out of the polishes.

This is so easy to recreate. I have already gotten tonnes of compliments in work, even from a man haha.

Let me know if you'd like to see another design done OR if you do this on your nails. I would love to see.

Have a good day,

Victoria xox

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