First Impressions; Dr Organic Products.

Hey yaaaaaaa!

How are we doing? I am sat watching The Wedding Date. Love this film.

I recently went into Holland and Barrett in search of Dr Organic's Manuka Honey Rescue Cream. My friend Lucy recommended it to me as my skin has been angry, dry, oily and just plain annoying for too long. Website details are here.

When I first used it I was sort of put off by the strong smell. I should have guessed it would be that way but wow it is strong. It is a thick consistency but you need a small amount and it covers a large enough area. I would definitely say it's a night time cream. I used it in the day time before my makeup and wow it slipped alot haha. Fail.

Next item is something for my poor hair. I have been searching, again, for something to fix the dryness in my hair. I have been trying to nourish back to happy, healthy hair but sort of failing. I know coconut oil is largely regarded in the blogger/vlogger world so this product should be great. I already use the Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo and love it. 

So, my first impressions are good. The cream is a smelly one and thick but very good and I wake up with hydrated, moisturised skin. It is on offer now instore and online but is pricey enough.

The conditioner is amazing. I will get the shampoo at some point too. I love the smell of it, love how my hair feels after using it and it is just a win.

At some point, maybe in an empties post I will give my final verdict on these products BUT so far so good.

Have a good day,

Victoria xox
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