Liebster Award!!

Hey there,

Well the lovely Lilli nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you so much.

What each nominee has to do:
1. List 11 random facts about themselves. 2. Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated them. 3. Choose 11 more nominees (who must have 200 followers or less) and ask them 11 questions

My random facts!! 
  1. I can write with my right and left hand
  2. I think I have an addiction to bright lipsticks
  3. I only drink out of travel mugs
  4. I have had 3 different jobs this year
  5. I once fell over the bar of my scooter and cried over my toast, not my cuts
  6. Despite living in the UK, I am Irish to the core and obsessed with it
  7. I don't have a favourite colour
  8. My favourite number is 4
  9. I hate copy cats
  10. I once accidentally saw TaTu live, I don't know why
  11. I dislike Bloggers who constantly write about sent products or those posts with a *
Lilli's Questions;

1. Do you have a pet? Why/not.
I have no pets at the moment. Booo.

2. If you had all the money of the world... what's the first thing you would do?
Give my parents a huge amount of money and make sure they had everything they wanted.
3. What is your guilty pleasure? 
Um, The Wanted. I am a tad obsessed.
4. What do you love the most in life?
I absolutely love my family to bits. They make everything better and give me continuous support and love without any judgement. 

5. Are you interested in history? Why not?
I do like it. I find places fascinating and tend to research things a tonne.

6. What is the fashion-item, according to you?
I'm presuming you mean my favourite item so I will go with a coat. I think a good coat/jacket can make an outfit drab to fab.
7. What's your favorite place near/in your house? 
Debenhams? Hahaha. 
8. What do you think about shoes?
I stick with flat shoes and trainers or in the colder months, UGGs. 
9. Do you like sport?
I do to a certin extent. 

10. What is your dream?
To be a highly successful MUA that writes about wrestling on the side. 
11. If you could choose the time of living, would you stay in the 21 century or not? And why?
I would stay here in this century. I believe in making the best of your own life and not worry too much about others. We only have the one life to live. :)
I nominate;
I don't have 11 nominations sorry. 

Have a great day guys,

Victoria xox
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