Valentine's Day Ideas with Paul Fredrick

Well hello everyone,

Today I want to capture your imagination and get you into the romantic side of life. Valentine’s Day is approaching rapidly and I wanted to give you three ideas for a different kind of date. I have taken into consideration that not everyone, me included, loves this slush fest of a day, hehe.

I was contacted by a company Paul Fredrick to write this post. Go check out their blog too. It's awesome. If you need tips on how to dress your man for the day, this site is perfecto!!

Date 1:

Valentine’s Day should be fun and not taken too seriously. I felt a day time date is perfect for those in a new relationship or a first time date. If you had a nearby forest or national park that you could take a picnic and go walking around that could be nice and yet still romantic to a degree. Bringing your camera and snapping selfies of each other brings a close factor to the date. Choosing expensive nibbles as opposed to supermarket sandwiches, sparkling fruit juice instead of plain juice or even a mini bottle of champers. Providing you’re of the legal age limit.

Date 2:

For the more relaxed couple that have been together longer than six months, I felt a dressed up date was appropriate. I feel that a night at the theatre, followed by dinner and some drinks would be the way forward. I also think because the couple would have been together longer, a spontaneous decision with the theatre and food would be best. That way it’s keeping things fresh and unexpected, not clichéd at all.

Date 3:

For the married or long term couple, it’s very hard to decide what’s romantic and not like an everyday routine. If it were me I would personally book a random night away to a city or town close by that’s been on the wish list for some time. For me here in the UK, it would be Liverpool or Bournemouth. Like date two, keeping things spontaneous keeps it special and fresh, not boring. 

When it comes to stepping away from the clichéd dates, I think wearing the opposite to your usual clothes and makeup wins. Getting excited for the reverse to a normal evening will keep the momentum going and you’ll enjoy yourself even more. Unfortunately, the clichés can and do work but it’s up to you to switch it up and be different.

I hope you all enjoy V Day, or Victoria Day, as I like to call it. Be fresh and different and don’t be boring!! 

Lots of love,
Victoria xox 

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