An Interview With.... Arda Ocal

Hey my loves,

Welcome to my 100th post. Today I want to share with you a short, sharp interview with one of my favourite Sports Broadcasters, Mr Arda Ocal.

Now I know some of you might not be aware of his existence and for that, SHAME ON YOU!

So here is the interview :D

So, in five words, tell me about your personality.

Outgoing with flashes of random.

Tell me your exact job title right now?
I'm a host / reporter with the Weather Network.

Do you think you will ever do Aftermath again? Given it is your creation etc. 

Probably not. That time has passed. I'm proud I pitched it and it became such a big success and that my good buddy Jimmy Korderas still gets a paycheck doing it, but I don't just want to be "The Wrestling Guy", so it's good I was able to move on and do more with my career in broadcasting.

How much of the WWE product do you watch now?
I still keep up with the product, especially NXT - I enjoy watching the amount of talent on that show.

Name your favourite moment or interview from your time there, EXCLUDING your Paul Heyman interview.
It's a three way tie between Bret Hart, Roddy Piper and Chris Jericho - all three has terrific stories, passion and fun to talk to.

Do you have any opinion on the WWE Network? Will you be buying it? Do you think it's a safe investment for the WWE?

I absolutely will buy it, how can you not given the past / fresh content AND Pay Per Views? It's a no brainer.

Tell me more about your Turkish roots.
Well, they are roots, and they are Turkish haha. I was born in Canada but my parents are very proud of their homeland so I learned a lot about it growing up.

As a one time journalism student, I had dreams of being a broadcaster. Can you give any advice to anyone else in a similiar situation to me?
Work hard, learn everything, keep your ears open and listen. Don't be afraid to move to gain valuable experience.

Given your education with Maths and Business, what prompted life as a broadcaster?
It's something I always wanted to do.. so one day I just took a leap of faith and decided to do it. I'm glad I did.
As a journalism student and blogger wanted to interview someone I have admired for some time. Ocal has gone from 'The Wrestling Guy' to doing a column, presenting on TV and I do believe he will go far. The wrestling community on Twitter absolutely adores Ocal's tweets and own hashtag #TheLittleThings because he echoes the thoughts of many fans.

I want to thank Ocal for his time. I feel very blessed.

Victoria xox


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