Scary Blushers | Winter Editon

Do you have blushers in your collection you're too afraid to wear? Here are mine.

You can see how crazy these shades are right?!

First up is this beautiful shade from Catrice 'I'm A Survivor'. It is a very bright red but when sheered out is quite pink. I have used this as a crease colour before but the thing with this blush is how difficult it is to stay on the cheeks. I do need a base for this to last on my cheeks for a working day at least. 

For some reason this has shown up a tad brighter than what it is. This blush by Model Co is a burnt orange with a pink sheen to it. Think of it as a darker version of NARS Orgasm. I have worn this quite a lot because I love it BUT it is harder to wear in the Winter months as I get a little paler, less fair skinned. Again, a light hand is needed with this blush. 

NARS Amour and Desire duo is so pretty YET so crazily bright and pigmented. Amour is a dark tan or burnt orange shade that screams wear me yet it is terrifying. Desire is so bright and pink I just cannot wear it. It is nearly neon. How I wear this is light handed, mix them together. It gives a more natural look. 

This I got from eBay I think. It is a Milani Glimmer Strip. So pretty and can be used as a blush or eye palette. Whilst this is probably the least scary, it is still very deep in regards to a berry shade. Nice with a light hand as a flush and obviously you can choose which stripes to put on your cheeks. 

left to right; Milani, Catrice, Model Co and Nars (Desire & Amour)

So those are my scary blusher choices. This is for my skin tone and type, they might suit you :D 

What blushers do you have and love but never wear? Xox 
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