Naked Basics 2

Hello my name is Vicky and I am a eyeshadow palette lover. 

Do you ever just want something and decide ok, got it?! That is me with Urban Decay and the Naked eye palettes. I have them all. Not bragging. 

This baby is a cool toned, almost matte palette (one satin) and is going to be my new BFF. I actually thought it was smaller than the original Basics but alas it was a trick of the mind. The packaging feels different though. 

Cool toned shadows are a huge deal in my life, I love grey. Black eyeshadows look weird on my skin colouring and against my brown eyes. Grey wins. 

See they are the same size. This thing called my imagination went wild with my thoughts.

Excuse the bad swatch pictures. I do have a video going into more details, linked below. 

Overall, this palette is amazing. My Basics original is a key palette for intense looks. I lay down my whole lid with a matte skin colour to help other shadows blend better and it works. I cannot wait to get using this bad boy. Amazing. 

Do you have this palette? Do you like it?
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