First part of my Girls Christmas Gift Guide series.. 

Whilst LUSH do great gift sets year round, at Christmas they excel. This set is a floral lovers dream. The packaging is so gorgeously girly. I really love the wrapping paper so much I'm going to keep it for blog pictures for a while. It is wrapped up in this small box with foam to help prevent breakages. 

Rose Jam is one of the most floral scents from LUSH but leaves the skin so soft, it's quite amazing. I have used this scent before but with the Avobath Bath Bomb and words cannot tell you how my skin felt, it was amazing. The sweet floral scent with the shea butter goes so well. 

Sakura is a Bath Bomb I have been eyeing for some time so I am glad to try it. You would think floral overload with this product but I find the orange/lemon oils bring it to be a very unusual scent. Unusual yet pleasing and relaxing.

This set is perfect for Christmas. It is £9.25 and you can view it here. Perfect for a stocking filler or a newbie to the LUSH world.

What are your favourites from LUSH? Let me know xox

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