Disappointing Maybelline Product!!

I'm not a fan of writing negative posts but here goes nothing.

I have seen these Elixir's all over the internet. American YouTubers have been raving about them for months. Now they're here in the UK, I was delighted to try at least one. 

The colour I chose Raspberry Rhapsody is so so gorgeous, on the outside. 

I wear a tonne of different lipsticks and lip liners so I thought this would perk them up in the Winter time without having too many products on my lips, oh what a good thought. This did not happen. 

I paired this over MAC Rebel and when I looked in the mirror, the lipstick had faded completely. The gloss ate the lipstick. The colour had sheered out to almost nothing. I mean what the heck?!?

As you can see on the swatch it is nothing like the tube suggests. On its own it is an ok gloss, I guess. I definitely expected more considering the huge hype. Then I should never have bought into the hype, I never normally do. 

Rimmel have better gloss options as do Revlon. 

Have you tried the Color Elixir's?



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