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So, who likes LUSH?

I have a tonne of products from LUSH that I love. The bath and shower products are amazing but since working there I have gotten to know much more about the products. 

Sea Spray is a very unique product. It's a hair mist with the most gorgeous scent. The top three ingredients are Sea Salt, Grapefruit Oil and Neroli. It has a slight tackiness when you spray it out so I spray it into my hand first and then place it in my hair. I use this on towel dry hair and style it that way. It retails for £9.95 but a little goes a long way. 

Grease Lightning is a very cool product. I had noticed a few blemishes on this little face of mine and invested in this bad boy. Witch Hazel, Lavender and Aloe Very Gel are three of the ingredients in this. You can really tell this works and leaves the skin very hydrated, soft and the blemishes disappear. This retails for £6.40.

Dream Cream is such a popular product in LUSH. It sold out so many times when I worked there. I have to say after using it for a good while now, I can see why. It soothes and relaxes my skin so much. Cocoa butter, lavender and rose are just some of the ingredients which help moisturise and sooth the skin. One of the things I learned in LUSH is that this product is great for anyone with eczema. This retails for £11.95. 

Sympathy For The Skin is my personal favourite body lotion. It really is special. I have typical Irish skin, in that it goes red, dry and can be a sensitive buggar. Packed with bananas, vanilla, cocoa butter and almond oil it really nourishes the skin yet softens and nourishes it too. I love this so much. Get a sample and try it out. This retails for £11.75. 

Finally we have my favourite over night cream, Skin's Shangri La. I have road tested a few face moisturisers from LUSH but few have become favourites. This product has something called Queen of Hungary Water which tones the skin and gives it the fragrance. It also it known as rosemary which is steeped in vodka, rosemary is an antiseptic. I love how this softens my skin and gets rid of any dryness. In the Winter my skin gets very dry in parts. No more thanks to this baby. This retails for £29.50 BUT a little goes a long way and definitely get a sample before you buy. 

Have you tried any of the above? Let me know. I'm always looking to try new LUSH stuff. 

I also want to mention that I did work there but I was not told to say anything about the products. I use them all myself and love them.

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