Hey all,

So, I have a different sort of post today and it's based around one little furry friend named Millie. 

The picture above is from the 30th Nov when I first got her. I adopted her through the RSPCA here in Gloucester. I went to see her at the beginning of November in Cheltenham. I was put in contact with a lovely woman named Heather who had about 14 cats in her huge farm. I was made to feel very welcome when I met her and I definitely felt hugely overwhelmed at the amount of cats. 

I knew I wanted a kitten but I definitely wanted a female. I do believe Millie was the only female out there, I could be wrong. Heather opened her cage doors and out came two kittens. One was small and the other tall and lean. Millie was formerly named Yasmine by the sanctuary and she was the tall kitten. I got told Millie and her three brothers were abandoned at the side of a road in a box. I mean why are people so evil!? 

I picked Millie (Yasmine) up and she gave me chin hugs, purred and seemed comfy right away. I put her down and as she walked about one of the other male cats in the cages miaowed at her and she hissed. I laughed because she had shown a bit of her character and she was feisty. I got told more info about the adoption process and cuddled Millie and left. 

It took some time for the RSPCA volunteer to do the home visit. It is supposed to be a short process but we waited for over a week. I didn't get her before my birthday which was Nov 19th, and I was disappointed. When the RSPCA volunteer finally came he stayed and checked the house for a good five minutes before he left. I checked the Gloucestershire area for volunteers and apparently they don't need any but I would beg to differ and would gladly offer my services. 

I agreed with Heather to pick Millie up on the 30th Nov. I went that day, done the paperwork, got told some info on her injections, spaying etc and paid my £60 fee.  I had to go to a staff meeting in LUSH the night we got her so James brought her home and made her bed, got her food etc. When I got back she was behind the TV just looking so dazed and bewildered. I spoke to her and Millie has not left my side since. I walk up the stairs, she's right behind me. A shadow. Too cute for words. 

I would highly recommend adopting a pet. It is the right human thing to do. It breaks my heart to think about her brothers still not having homes. I can tell you it is the best thing I have done. Millie is happy, healthy and loves her new home and owners. I have a huge love for this little nearly six month old kitten and it won't fade easily. 

Do you have a pet? What are their cute habits? Millie tucks her paws up all the time hehe.



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