Just look at the cute packaging for this palette. *swoon*

I received this for Christmas after lusting after it for so long. It has cardboard packaging which I don't love but anyway. It retails for £35. 

Just look at those colours. So 90's, so different. Let me talk you through the shades. 

Venus is a plum shade with some red to it. It's a matte shade. Shell is a pink apricot shade very similiar to KIKO Water Shadow in 219, it's a very buttery satin type of shadow. Aura is the same texture and is a off white but slightly golden highlight shade. Creation is a stunning brown shade with some definite red to it and is matte. 

Icon is a deep dark almost dirty brown and I love it. It is a beauty of a matte shade. Rebirth is a standout shade in that it is so unique. It's not orange or peach but kind of in between, also a matte. Divine is what looks like a transition shade but I assure you it is stunning alone too. It's a taupe light brown and very matte. Muse is a matte burgundy red that is unique and very grungy. Love it. 

The first picture is the top row and second picture is the second row. Just to be clear. 

Now, I did do a video on my YouTube about this palette so please check it out and subscribe if you're not already. Helps me out. 

I love this palette. I love how these shadows last all day, blend nicely together and there's so much you can do with these colours. Beautiful. I go into more detail in the video as well as having some of the shadows on my eyes. 

Have you tried this palette?


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