Hello everyone, 

I have oily/dry skin and the one thing I struggle with at times is finding a good foundation for my skin. Let me tell you the good ones I have found. 

For the longest time the drugstore catered to normal, dry and combo skin and never really focused on the fact that a lot of people are oily. The amount of times I have bought a foundation 'for all skin types' and it was just plain awful. For so many years I stuck with Rimmel Lasting Perfection because I could sort of get away with using it. 

I will briefly talk about the above foundations. 

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude is a water based foundation. It has a dropper type application similiar to that of the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation but that that is where the similarities end. I would consider this to be a medium coverage foundation as it covers well with quite a small amount of product. It can cake up on dry patches so make sure you're moisturised. Other than that it lasts well throughout the day and whilst it doesn't hold oil off, it doesn't emphasise it. I found I had to powder/blot once through a 10 hour day of wearing this. I think there could be a better colour selection though. 

The L'oreal Infallible Matte Foundation has coveted the hearts of many oily skinned makeup lovers. I use to use the True Match Foundation but it oxidised on me a lot of the time and that got rather annoying considering I am a fair skinned lady. This foundation has won my heart, I will go as far to say HOLY GRAIL when it comes to this. It's matte but not flat but isn't too much of a satin finish where it's dewy. Does that make sense? I wear the shade Vanilla which is ok for me. I love the medium coverage but you can build it up should you wish. I love LOVE how long this lasts on the skin and yes I would blot throughout the day but not a lot. Definitely give this a go if you have skin like mine. Simply amazing. 

I have never really gotten into the BB/CC phase with foundations because none really appealed to my skin type. When I saw a few American YouTubers talk about this Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream and wondered what the fuss was about. It has 2% salicyclic acid in it for blemish prone skin. There are 8 claims to this BB cream; it claims to; hydrate, mattify, it has SPF15, oil free, hides redness, smoothes, evens skintone,

I felt it necessary to show the types of bottles and applicators. I know people hate the Revlon Colorstay because there's no pump.

I can honestly recommend the three I have mentioned above and guarantee you will like at least ONE! Let me know if you have tried any of these foundations and what you thought.

Have a great day,
Victoria xox
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