Collection Deluxe Lipstick 'Tallulah'

Hey loves,

Well another lipstick post today. Oh dear. I definitely never get sick of buying new lippies.

I remember on St Patrick's Day my friend Aishling had this on her lips. I had seen it in Boots before and loved it, just never bought it. There was no reason why, I just forgot, a tonne of times.

So, first off I love this colour. It's a baby pink but a nude baby pink. A very wearable shade day or night. What I like is the lipstick colour being on the bottom of the bullet. It is very true to the bullet.

The formula is very creamy which is to be expected as it has shea butter in the ingredients but it does moisturise very nicely. What I love is how cute it looks on my lips. I know that sounds weird but it's just lovely. You can go with a few coats on the lips and it doesn't move odd or leave marks.

Ohhh look at that pretty swatch. Beautiful and only £3.99 here.

I can definitely recommend this gorgeous shade. It might not last more than 2/3 hours on your lips but it is pretty and very inexpensive.

Have you tried this?

V xox
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