Hello loves,

Have you ever wanted to like something so much but you just can't? That is me with this product. I almost feel bad for not liking it.

I am a huge fan of the Aussie range in general. I have a huge fondness for the Colour Mate shampoo/conditioner and the 3 minute miracle sachet conditioner. They have saved my hair many a time. I honestly thought this dry shampoo would be amazing.

Whilst it doesn't smell as bad as say the Girlz Only dry shampoo it is still a tad stinky. On the bottle it says 'Don't let overwashing dull out your colour. When your hair needs reinvigorating fast, give it a blast of this dynamic dry cleaner with Australian Jojoba Seed Extract.' 

Gah, it just is not great. I found it very hard to brush out the grey cast it left on my head with both a brush and my finger tips. It would be very noticeable all day. You might be wondering if it made my hair look washed even though it wasn't? Well no. It looked and felt tacky. That grey cast was impossible to hide. If I touched my head throughout the day it looked like I had dandruff but it was the dry shampoo.

I got this from Boots for £2.99 about three weeks ago so I have given it a proper go. It is on the website and there are two sizes. Mine is 180ml and was on offer but is now £4.99, full price. All items here.

Sorry Aussie but you missed the boat with this one for me. Gah so disappointed. 

Have you tried this?



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