Seventeen Stay Time Concealer 'EXTRA FAIR'

Well hello there,

Today I want to talk about a concealer. I have been testing this out for a wee while now.

I use MAC Pro Longwear Concealer on a nearly daily basis but I wanted to find something on the more affordable side to share with you guys, my readers, and to wear in work. Where I work can get to 70-80 degrees Celsius as it's a photography store. It really is the best place to test out make-up etc as I can tell by 6pm if a product can stand the heat and dry air.

Now forgive me if I'm wrong but one of the most popular concealers on the High St/Drugstore is by Collection and I really didn't want to try that again. I was browsing through Boots in Stroud and saw the Seventeen stand had a few products my normal Boots didn't have and picked this up.

Claiming to last 18 hours is very admirable, I had this under my eyes and on high points for 12 hours and what do you know? It stayed put. It might not have been as bright as when applied like my MAC can be BUT it was still there and visible enough. I was wowed, instantly.

This picture was taken at 7.30pm and I had been home from work in around 20 mins. See how it still looks nice? Yay.

I am definitely going to recommend this to you guys and if you are oily like me, this is a winner. It is also more yellow based which can be hard to find in an affordable concealer. There was no sinking into my pores, no creasing and it didn't disappear throughout the day. For £4.49 this is fantastic. Off I go to Boots to get a darker shade to cover any pesky face demons. May I finally mention that having Extra Fair as a shade is something more High St/Drugstore brands need to look into.

Have a wonderful day.
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