Hey loves,

So, I have actually wanted to ask Brittney Lee Saunders from YouTube some random questions for the longest time. This is how the convo went down on Twitter.

So we are both hilarious :D It would seem anyway. I'm waiting for her to darn follow me now. *cool move*

So to the actual point of this post eh?

Who are your top 5 international YouTubers? 
Miranda Sings
Thatcher Joe
Trisha Paytas
Emily-Victoria Canham
shane dawson

Do you get tired of people being asses on your videos and have you ever watched any of the haters' videos?
Nah! Haters are motivators. And they generally don't have videos when you go onto their channels!

Any plans to come overseas?

In the best year what do you want from your channel?
Do you mean next year?
Just to grow my channel and audience more and more, get myself out there and make some great, hilarious videos!

Any merchandise or a beauty line in the dreams?
I have my own beauty products coming out in a couple of weeks! My brand is called NKD BODY (NKD being short for naked)

Are you up for doing a makeup collab with me for my measly channel? Haha. 
Depends :)

If you haven't subscribed to her yet then please go do it, click click here. A very funny and honest woman but whilst she proclaims to not be any good at makeup, she actually ain't too bad :P Brittney also sings and has some cover songs on her channel, one word, GREAT. 

Check her out guys. Brittney also has a 100k subbie giveaway going on over on her channel. 



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