The Wrestling TAG!

Name your Top 3 favourite heel characters of all time.

CM Punk - Whilst not always a heel, when he was he was good.
Rowdy Roddy Piper - Loud mouth, arrogant but a great worker. One of the best wrestlers ever and in the 80's specifically.
Bully Ray - Yes his TNA heel stuff was great TV.

If you could create your own Women’s division, who would be your top 5 picks?

Gail Kim, Paige, Charlotte Flair, Taryn Terrell, and Velvet Sky. I think my one WWE main roster Diva shows how poor it is.

You have to name, create (give it a theme) and choose various matches for a PPV. Go wild and be creative.

I'll make four matches. First Blood Match, Hardcore Hell In A Cell, Iron Man Match and you can't beat a good old TLC match. I would name my PPV 'Survive or Die?' and yes it is a tad dramatic haha.

Make your own announce team. 

JR, Paul Heyman and Gorilla Monsoon. Honourable mention to Jim Cornette.

What old school match do you wish you seen live in person?

First Blood :D

What would be your theme song and who would sing it?

I would choose Royal Blood 'Figure It Out'. Love it.

TAG 5 friends and let it grow and grow.

Stephen Wilds
Alice Radley
Bryan Garvin
Steve Dawson
Richard Hughes
Kinny Killa
Darren Dyer
Tim Vicious
Martin Cook
Tony Walker
James Powers
King Bingus
aaaaaaaaaaand anyone else. Please answer in video or blog form :D
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