Birthday Wishlist

Well hello there,

Welcome to my first post on my new blog. Yay!

I decided to do a birthday wishlist for my first post to keep it nice and simple. It's my birthday on the 19th November.

In the top left I have NARS Orgasm blusher. I have Sleek's Rose Gold and everyone calls that the ultimate dupe BUT I personally think the Sleek blush is more pinky toned. I have wanted this for a long long time. I think this shade will look nice on my pale skin to almost give a blush/highlight effect. The retail price is £12.50.

Next over to the right is Illamasqua's Flare lipstick. I swatched this in Selfridge's London recently and fell in love. Again I love coral tones on my skin and lips, it just really suits me and I have huge brown eyes which brings it all together. This lipstick is so bright and gorgeous, I need it hehe. They retail for £16.50.

I couldn't leave out MAC haha. There are a thousand and one things I want from there but Candy Yum Yum is a shade I have been undecided about for ages. You cannot deny how lovely this cool tone bright pink looks. After seeing it on people and on YouTube etc I need it. It is a matte finish which isn't ideal but if it's like Ruby Woo then it'll be ok. This retails at £15.

Finally, well for this small list, is another Illamasqua product, over on the bottom right. This is one of their velvet blushes. This is part of their 'Sacred' collection and the blush is a cream to powder finish. I have heard nothing but great things about this brand and have no idea as to why I haven't tried this brand yet. This will change ASAP. Again, love the deep peach colour of this blush and the formula has me intrigued. They retail for £18.

Have any of you lovelies got a wishlist? Have you tried any of the above?

Let me know. Have a good evening,

Victoria xox
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