Sausage Casserole..


Well today is a food post. Sorry. I have a great job working for Le Creuset and my interest in food has been revived. Yay!

James and I made a sausage casserole the other night in my 20cm Cast Iron dish from Le Creuset and my God it was amazing. Not only was the flavour enhanced by the quality of the dish it was made in, but it was so easy.

So tonight was my night to make it on my own.

I am a very fussy eater so dishes like this can be plain to some but lovely to me. Everyone has their own tastes. I did have swede in the first one but we forgot to buy one haha.

As there are only two of us I browned eight sausages with butter and not oil. As that was going on, I washed, chopped and chunked up the vegetables.

I then popped everything into the bowl and added a tiny bit bit of salt and pepper. I then mixed up the casserole mix, I used one pint of water for this. This one was so inexpensive and is from Lidl. It was so nice too. I then heated up the hob at mark 10. I popped the mix over the vegetables, added the sausages and a tiny bit of pepper.

I left the dish on mark 10 till it started to boil and then let it sit at mark 4 for approximately 20 minutes. The dish is done when the potatoes and vegetables are soft and you can put a knift/fork through them.

As you can see in the pictures it turned out beautifully and I am now going to dig in. YUM!!

Just a side note, I may work for Le Creuset but they didn't tell me to write this and all that jazz. I genuinely love my job and the products. Mner! You can find them here though so go buy everything.. Cast Iron Casserole Dishes.

Have a good night/evening/day,

Victoria xox
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