REVIEW: Catrice Holi Hai

Well hello there,

I have a review for you guys today. I am reviewing a mousse, yes mousse blush from German brand Catrice. I am a huge fan of them and hate that I can't access their products often. I get them in Ireland.

I received this from Aishling in our swap recently. That post was on my old blog but the YouTube video is right here so watch me!!

I love the dusky pink colour of the blush. It's a very flushed cheek colour. Great for this time of the year. the reason there is a tonne of product used already is because you need a good amount to get decent colour pay off.

I know the swatch picture looks disgustingly weird BUT I wanted to show the amount of product for a small portion of my hand and how it looks before rubbing or stippling into the skin. When you buff that amount out it barely appears on the skin. It is almost worse than Benefit's Posietint.

All in all, I think the colour is super girly and cute BUT the product is a bit of a dud. I want to like it but it is hard to work with and the amount of product you use for any colour pay off is ridiculous.

I wonder do they have this colour in one of their normal blushes?? Hmmm.

Back to the review, I would unfortunately never repurchase this blush. The idea is great but it doesn't execute well at all. Sorry Catrice.

Have a wonderful evening,

Victoria xox

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