Fitness Diaries #1 | JanBlog #7

Hey there,

Well today I want to share with you some fitness confessions and how I plan on changing my body to be more healthy and active.

I had started jogging just after Halloween with James. James is a great runner and runs nearly everyday, no excuses, just gets on with it. I need that form of discipline. My father is also an avid runner, he does very well.

I felt the urge to get fit when I was approaching the big 30 in November. It dawned on me that before I was 18 I was a size 10 and I am far from that now. I have no shame in my curves and being a size 14/16 is much more acceptable nowadays.

I want to get fit and be healthier so I can look good and feel good. If I lose weight, that's fantastic but the aim is to look after my body. I had such a good time doing a fun run before Christmas in Cheltenham that I want to do more. Another aim is to run the Cardiff Half Marathon in Oct and beat James' time. Hahahahaha!!

My Fit to 5K programme starts this week. I'll keep you all updated weekly. If you have any tips etc then please tweet me.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox

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