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Hey there,

My hair is a tricky buggar to figure out. I can go days with it being shiny and soft and then out of nowhere it gets tangly and oily. I have long hair that is definitely past shoulder length so what did I do to change things?

I dye my hair maybe once every 3 months but with my hair being a deep red now I do it maybe once every 2 months. I haven't pictured my shampoo and conditioner but I'm talking today about products after washing. I first off use the Tresemme Daily Lock In Spray as it helps against colour fading.

Then I let that sit for a couple of minutes and put the L'oreal Hot Straight Spray in. I am paranoid about heat on my hair so this is a good step. I will then half dry my hair and if I want some texture I will use the L'oreal Salt Spray, it works a treat BUT my new thing is the L'oreal #TXT Wave Creating Spray. This stuff is great. You spray it over damp hair and put your hair in top knots and dry further.  Finish things off by taking them out and drying your hair by scrunching upwards.

Usually I don't use hairspray. I use V05 Give Me Texture powder at the roots of my hair. I find it works so much better.  A lot of the time I won't wash my hair everyday. I use to always wash it but it was taking a lot of the nutrients from my hair so dry shampoo is a Godsend for me. I love Batiste but not all of their dry shampoos are good. This one for red hair is awesome. Obviously my hair is a deep red and getting brighter so this is amazing for it.

Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of love,
Victoria xox


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