Versus Series #3 | Highlighter Edition | JanBlog #19

Hey guys,

What a lovely day out. Still a tad nippy but at least it's sunny. Today I was thinking about a new edition of the 'Versus Series' and instantly thought of two popular highlighters I happen to have.

I put a blog post up about the MUA highlighter mid week and the TopShop blush previously so I won't delve into them too much.

As you can see above the MUA highlight is more pink based and the TopShop highlight is  champagne based. The MUA highlight has a 3D rippled effect which also has a blue hue off it. The TopShop highlight is a huge dome shape. I honestly don't think I'll get through either of these.

I personally think both look gorgeous but I tend to steer clear of the TopShop highlight as on my fair skin I feel it looks too much. Whilst I don't mind the blue hue off the MUA highlight it's not something too noticeable. I use this nearly everyday.

I tend to use the TopShop highlight on my eyes should I have a neutral look and just lightly place it in the centre of my lid and it shines nicely and stays there all day. Blooming marvellous!!

The TopShop highlight retails for £10 and you get 6.5g of product whereas the MUA highlight retails for £3 and you get 7.5g of product. TopShop Crescent Moon review here. MUA Highlighter review here.

Who's victorious? MUA of course!!! *party time*

Lots of love,
Victoria xox 
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